The nominees for the 35th annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards were announced today, and DC has earned 17 nominations! Celebrated as “the Oscars of the comics world,” for over three decades the prestigious Eisner Awards have celebrated the industry’s very best comic books and graphic novels, and the creatives behind the work.

Chosen by a highly lauded panel of judges and voted on by industry professionals, this year’s winners will be announced at the annual ceremony at Comic-Con International: San Diego in July.

DC’s titles and creators are represented among the best with the following nominations:

Best Short Story: 

  • “Finding Batman” by Kevin Conroy and J. Bone in DC Pride 2022

Best Single Issue/One-Shot: 

  • Batman: One Bad Day: The Riddler, by Tom King and Mitch Gerads

Best Continuing Series: 

  • Nightwing, by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo
  • The Nice House on the Lake, by James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Best Limited Series: 

  • Batman: One Bad Day, edited by Dave Wielgosz and Jessica Berbey
  • Superman: Space Age, by Mark Russell, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred
  • The Human Target, by Tom King and Greg Smallwood

Best Writer: 

  • James Tynion IV,  The Nice House on the Lake, The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country
  • Mark Russell, One-Star Squadron, Superman: Space Age
  • Tom King, Batman: Killing Time, Batman: One Bad Day, Gotham City: Year One, The Human Target, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team: 

  • Alvaro Martínez Bueno, The Nice House on the Lake 
  • Bruno Redondo, Nightwing 
  • Greg Smallwood, The Human Target 

Best Cover Artist: 

  • Bruno Redondo, Nightwing 

Best Coloring: 

  • Jordie Bellaire, The Nice House on the Lake, Suicide Squad: Blaze

Best Lettering: 

  • Pat Brosseau, Wonder Woman: The Villainy of Our Fears
  • Todd Klein, Fables

A full list of nominees and their work can be found at