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The Most Read DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Comics of 2022

The Most Read DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Comics of 2022

By Alex Jaffe Wednesday, December 21st, 2022

You know, nothing really warms our hearts quite like seeing a DC fan read a comic book. Movies, television and video games are all great, but the comic books are where the stories of our greatest heroes began, and where they continue to evolve every Tuesday. Looking back at 2022, we’re happy to say that DC fans showed up in droves on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE to treat themselves to the wealth of adventures in our library. The size of it all can be intimidating, we know, and you’ve got more options to choose from than Batman has sidekicks. But there were a few titles that you collectively gravitated towards a little more than others, which might help those just entering our archive decide where to begin their plunge through comic book history. In single issues and series, these were the top ten most read comics on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.

The Top Issues of 2022

Dark Knights of Steel #1

A high fantasy Elseworlds style take on the DC Universe, Dark Knights of Steel is a little bit Justice League and a little bit Game of Thrones. Layers of interpersonal intrigue and refreshing character remixes aside, it’s worth checking in just for Yasmine Putri’s medieval costume designs.

Batman (1940-2011) #404

The first issue of Frank Miller and Dave Mazzucchelli’s “Batman: Year One” is as good a place to start as any on your Batman reading journey. Some people say it’s even better than The Dark Knight Returns. (I’m some people.)

Batman (2011-2016) #1

Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time. This was the relaunching point for Batman when DC continuity reset with the New 52 and remains an ideal gateway into the decade-spanning Batman epic from Scott Snyder.

Batman ’89 #1

Continuing the story of Tim Burton and Michael Keaton’s cinematic Batman, the first issue of Batman ‘89 picks up right where the Christmas classic Batman Returns leaves off—bringing Catwoman, Two-Face and even a brand new Robin into Batman’s life. Let’s get nuts.

DC vs. Vampires #1

In the tradition of DCeased, DC vs. Vampires places the DC Universe against an encroaching undead threat to wipe out humanity. But while it’s a slower plague than an Anti-Life zombie outbreak, those infected by the vampire’s bite are far more resourceful. You never know who you can trust until the moment it’s too late.

Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City #1

The first video game tie-in series in our year-end roundup, but not the last. Gotham Knights is a story of processing the grief of a lost father, as Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin and Batgirl try to find their footing in a world without Batman. But this game’s Batman is one we only get to know through his absence, if not for Gilded City, a prequel series which establishes the departed Dark Knight’s relationship to his charges.

Nightwing (2016-) #78

It’s a new dawn in Blüdhaven. Nightwing #78 is the starting point of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s table-resetting run on the series, putting a fractured past behind him and returning to the character’s most beloved form, finger stripes and all. Adios, Ric.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1

It would take a more skilled narratologist than I to unravel the ongoing, omni-franchise story of the Fortnite video game. But if anyone can get to the bottom of this mystery, it’s the World’s Greatest Detective. Trapped on an island where everyone is mute, all memories and special abilities are lost, and death and resurrection are locked in a constant cycle, Zero Point is a daring crossover that provides a narrative explanation for each necessary convention of a battle royale video game.

DC Pride 2022

The “Pride” in the annual DC Pride specials has a double meaning. While it’s about showcasing the pride in the identities of the DCU’s queer characters, creators and community, the stories these anthologies tell are also worthy of pride. This year’s special brought us an asexual awakening for Connor Hawke, Alysia Yeoh’s first superhero outing as “Bat-Girl,” and most memorably, one of the last gifts we’d receive from Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy—an account of his reckoning with his own queer identity, and how it fueled his performance as the one true Batman.

The Sandman #1

Cream rises to the top, baby. The Sandman #1 is the issue that personally got me deep into comics, unlocking the potential of what you can use the comic book format to do. This hypnotic horror story sets the tone for the entire series, showing you true fear in a handful of dust.

The Top Series of 2022

The Sandman

#1 on the issue list, #10 on the series list. We’ll admit, The Sandman is a dense read. But that just means any time you need some more, it’ll be there waiting for you. And trust us, every time you revisit an issue, you’ll pick up on something you missed the last time around.

The Flash (2016-)

Crimefighting runs in the family. After a historic 100-issue marathon from Joshua Williamson, Jeremy Adams and Fernando Pasarin are currently driving one of the best takes on the Scarlet Speedster to date—by putting Wally West back in the driver’s seat and refocusing on the family that matters most to him. After a decade of drama, The Flash is currently one of the most hopeful and uplifting books that DC has to offer, offering adventures across time, space and wrestling promotions. DCUI’s readers are on the lightspeed ride of their lives.

Justice League (2018-)

The promise of the Justice League title has almost always been seeing the biggest names in the DC Universe working together. On that promise, the latest Justice League series has delivered. Thanks to the Dark Army, the League is currently in cold storage, but this latest chronicle will take you through the seven forces of the Totality to bridge Dark Nights: Metal to Dark Knights: Death Metal, and introduce new chapters in the developing sagas of Naomi McDuffie, Black Adam and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Detective Comics (2016-)

The ongoing Detective Comics run is your best look at the modern-day operations of Gotham City, from Batman’s “Gotham Knights” in James Tynion’s early run to the secrets of the Orgham family in Ram V and Rafael Albuqerque’s current operatic treatment. Never a dull night with the Dark Knight.

Nightwing (2016-)

With Nightwing #78 so high on our issue list, it’s no surprise the series that follows it would chart too. Once you get to know Nightwing’s new three-legged puppy Haley, there’s no putting the book down after that. With Wally and Dick leading the charge on DC’s most optimistic titles, it’s a great time to be a Titan.

Batman (2011-2016)

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s epic New 52 Batman series starts by undermining everything Batman’s ever known about how Gotham City works. It takes us from there to a deconstruction of his family at the hands of the Joker, a look back to his “Zero Year” as Batman, a brutal Batman/Joker break-up, and finally a surprisingly cool run of Commissioner Gordon stepping in to play Batman himself. It’s a series that revs up in octane as it goes, daring itself each arc to outdo the last one. If you’re wondering how you get to something like Dark Nights: Metal, look to Batman’s self-one-upmanship.

Detective Comics (1937-2011)

The title where Batman was born, and the home of some of the character’s most legendary creative runs. It’s the book that gave DC its name. (Yes, that means their name is basically Detective Comics Comics. Don’t think to hard on it.)

Batman (1940-2011)

Detective Comics’ sister title, dedicated entirely to Batman himself while Detective was still an anthology series. Eventually, both books would become dedicated entirely to Batman, his cohorts and environs. All of Detective Comics’ legendary runs would usually weave their way through here as well, if they didn’t begin here. Two halves of an inseparable narrative dyad.

Batman (2016-)

It’s the ongoing Batman title. One of the most read and most bought titles out there for decades running. What else is there really to say? If you want to stay up to date with Batman’s caped crusade, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE gives you that ability with just a six-month gap from the sale date—and as an Ultra tier subscriber, those six months become a scant one.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

What do you get when you mix one of the most popular fighting games of all time, quick and breezy, low-panel-count issues, and an entire universe full of characters in a precarious world where any character, no matter how beloved or important, could die at any time? You get the series that put Team Nightwing’s Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo on the map. Injustice is one of those rare binge reads that you pick up out of curiosity and suddenly you look out your window, the sun is gone, and you’re sixty issues in. The grip it has on you is undeniable as you endure the great failure and pyrrhic triumphs of your favorite characters in a world where our greatest hero has gone mad with grief and power. Word of advice: despite the title, save “Year Zero” for last.

Those were your most-read titles from 2022. But enough about you, let’s talk about us. Stay locked in to for our writers’ Best of 2022 wrap-ups to discover our own personal favorites, including some you might have missed. It’s not too late to go back!

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