No matter the multiverse, if you’re embarking on a road trip during the dog days of summer, your company in the car can make a huge difference. The same goes for the DC Universe. Hit the road with the right hero and your drive will be over in a Flash. (See what we did there?)

But who to invite along to ride shotgun? Which of DC’s many heroes would make the best passengers as you hit the gas and cue up your favorite playlist? Well, wonder no more, road warriors! Whether they’d be handy to have along or would just keep you awake with some fascinating conversation, we think these six heroes would make for some super travel companions.

The Atom

Ryan Choi might have needed some time to adjust to the hero life, but it’s that flexibility that makes him an ideal road trip buddy. Think about it. The Atom can shrink down to fit into any space and hardly take up any room in the car at all. He’s also friendly and approachable. Very few people can count Lobo as a pal, and Ryan Choi is one of them! Best of all, Ryan is a brilliant problem solver who would probably offer some solutions for all of your troubles by the end of your trip together.

Booster Gold

He’s a paragon—of entertainment! Booster Gold, AKA Michael Jon Carter, is a showman who dazzles at self-promotion. With Booster in your car, there won’t be a dull moment no matter how many hours you’re on the road. (There probably won’t be any quiet ones, either.) Whether he’s showing off his future tech or spinning tales of his heroic escapades, there’s no way you’re falling asleep at the wheel with this guy in the car. And, if you get lost, his indispensable robot partner Skeets is there to help you find your way.


Vic Stone is a natural leader, brilliant thinker and gifted with machines. If your car breaks down mid-trip, Cyborg can fix it up in no time flat. (He could also just open a boom tube to get you where you need to go, but where’s the fun in that?) Jump in the car and chat about his time with the Titans, or leading the Justice League, or teaching at the Teen Titans Academy—the stories Cyborg can tell! He’ll appreciate the feeling of normalcy that a long drive brings, and you’ll appreciate his company. You might not enjoy the miles per gallon your car will get, though. Cyborg is heavy.

Etta Candy

Instant. Bestie. There have been a few versions of Etta Candy since her original debut in 1942, but all of them are someone you want on your side. Etta Candy is a staunch ally anyone would be lucky to count on. She’s feisty, brave and a hero all her own. Etta can ride shotgun and regale you with stories of her adventures with Wonder Woman—but don’t ask about her time as an A.R.G.U.S. agent. That’s classified. If you’re lucky, she might even have some candy stashed away in her pockets for you.

Green Arrow

Whatever happens on your cross-country road trip, Oliver Queen will be prepared for it. Taking turns at the wheel, keeping you awake while you drive, changing a flat tire—Green Arrow doesn’t need superpowers to be a road trip hero. Stuck in the middle of nowhere without gas? You know Oliver knows what to do when you find yourself stranded somewhere, after all, as a “hard traveling hero,” he has a lot of experience. Most importantly, Oliver is a billionaire, and he can easily cover the gas. That alone puts him at the top of our road trip buddy list. Sorry, Superman.


But speaking of the Man of Steel, you might not think of someone who can zoom to the sun and back in minutes as a possible road trip buddy. But that’s the genius of it! Clark Kent has probably never been on a road trip in his life, so we’re talking pure entertainment value. Yes, it would probably be the safest road trip ever with Superman riding along. And sure, he could just pick up the car and fly you wherever you want to go (which will be great if you hit any nasty traffic). But imagine Superman having the time to just sit and look out the car window for a little while. What would he think about?

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