It’s getting pretty warm over here in sunny Burbank, but the same clearly can’t be said at the East Side Girls and Boys Center. They’re hosting a superhero festival, and while the weather report may have predicted clear skies and mild temperatures, there’s a cold front moving in and this time, it’s not because of climate change. Rather, this storm is the responsibility of one of Wonder Woman’s oldest foes—Blue Snowman.

Byrna Brilyant returns in one of the three action-driven tales you’ll find in next week’s Sensational Wonder Woman Special #1, an extra-sized anthology landing right between International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. Examining Diana through her interactions with both adversaries and allies alike, the book features contributions from on-the-rise female writers like Stephanie Phillips and Paula Sevenbergen, as well as dynamic artists including Alitha Martinez, Paul Pelletier and Scott Kolins, who both writes and draws a mystic-leaning story featuring Dr. Fate. It’s a solidly standalone book that’s perfect for both hardcore and casual Wonder Woman fans.

Speaking of fans, allow us to introduce you to Will, the young Wonder Woman enthusiast at the heart of Sevenbergen and Pelletier’s “Hell Hath No Flurry.” Will feels inspired by the Amazon hero, who speaks to him in ways that are just becoming clear. Though he might find himself getting far closer to her than he ever imagined as the festival celebrating acts of costumed bravery becomes ground zero for the real thing…

Sensational Wonder Woman Special #1, featuring “Hell Hath No Flurry” by Paula Sevenbergen, Paul Pelletier, Norm Rapmund and Adriano Lucas, is available Tuesday, March 29 in print and as a digital comic book.