Of all the super-villain groups in the DC Universe, the Flash has the most notorious collection of them all. There are the evil speedsters, like the Reverse-Flash and Godspeed, the would-be world conquerors like Gorilla Grodd, and the colorful gang of criminals known simply as the Rogues, a team of working-class villains who often find themselves in situations more unlucky than nefarious.

All that’s about to change, however. Captain Cold is determined to finally turn the group’s luck around in Joshua Williamson’s and Leomacs’ Rogues, a phenomenal new four-part DC Black Label miniseries.

Rogues takes everything we love about these classic characters and sends them violently crashing into a noir story that makes the ideal DC Black Label series,” Williamson teased in 2021.

Ten years ago, the Rogues were captured or killed in a disastrous job gone wrong. After the once-super villains suffered through years of prison, disrespect and mockery, Captain Cold has one last job for the Rogues, and it promises to be a huge payday. If they survive, that is.

So, what is the key to a successful heist for a group of badass bad guys? Superpowers, of course. Let’s take a look at the Rogues starring in this dark tale and how they might be able to pull off the biggest heist of all time.

Exceptional Intelligence and Tactical Planning

Yes, he has a cold gun that fires blasts at absolute zero, but what really sets Leonard Snart apart is his calculating mind. His wheels are always turning. The former Captain Cold put everything into living a life on the straight and narrow, but when he only receives disdain in return, he hits his limit once and for all. Snart is ready to throw it all away for the biggest score of all: the Gorilla City treasury. The brilliant tactician begins by rebuilding his cold gun before he starts putting his team of Rogues back together.

Leonard Snart’s sister Lisa is all too familiar with her brother’s schemes. The former champion ice skater, now a social worker after leaving a life of crime as the Golden Glider, is more than just family to Snart. She’s a necessary member of the crew. Leonard considers her the best heist planner in the world.

Unparalleled Fighting Skills

You can’t have a heist without expert fighters on the team. (Sorry in advance, guards standing in their way!) The best assassin money could buy is currently living a new life as a self-defense instructor, but you know what they say about old habits. Benjamin Turner, AKA Bronze Tiger, has taken an oath of nonviolence. Yet even he can’t resist the possibility of a huge payday.

As Bronze Tiger, Turner was one of the greatest martial artists in the world. Will this job force him to give up his vow?

Magnetic Field Manipulation

Every heist crew needs some muscle, and that’s where Magenta comes in—but she’s not your typical thug. Frances Kane is capable of unleashing formidable magnetic powers. Reinforced vault doors, high-tech security systems or even armed resistance, nothing can stop her for long. The magnetic waves wreak havoc with her brain, however, and she can’t afford the medication to keep the side effects in check.

When Lisa Snart approaches with a job offer, the desperate Frances has little to lose and peace of mind to gain. How can she say no?

Interdimensional Travel Through Mirrors

Mirror Master. His name might sound silly, but don’t underestimate this classic Flash villain. Evan McColloch wields the ability to transverse dimensions through reflective surfaces. Shiny gold bars stored in a vault? A polished metal vault door? If it’s a mirror, Mirror Master can see, attack, or even travel through it thanks to the dimension within all reflective surfaces.

The only trouble is, Evan isn’t quite himself when Snart and the others find him.


Okay, we’ve mentioned five fantastic crew members, and we didn’t even discuss the demolitions expert Heat Wave or master manipulator Trickster yet. There’s just one superpower for the perfect heist that’s left. If you’re going up against telepathic powerhouse Gorilla Grodd on his home turf, you’re going to need to be invulnerable. Or invincible. Maybe both.

…Wait, none of the Rogues are impervious to Grodd’s attacks? Just how are they going get into Gorilla City, much less pull off the heist of the century? Well, Captain Cold promised that this would be the Rogues’ final heist. Let’s just hope he’s not more right than he knows.

Rogues #1 by Joshua Williamson, Leomacs and Matheus Lopes is now available in print and as a digital comic book.

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