Disconnected from Barbara Gordon’s powerful Gotham network and painted as criminals and terrorists by the insidious new hacker know as Seer, the newly minted team of Oracle, Spoiler and Orphan—aka the Batgirls—is supposed to be lying low. Settling into a new loft without access to Bruce Wayne’s now-lost billions, the Batgirls now must adapt to a new way of operating, one based on stealth, strategy and picking their moments. They can no longer act without considering the consequences. These days, when they’re attacked by a trio of over-armed Simon Saint fanatics, they won’t engage them half-cocked. They will strategically retreat and together they’ll collectively form a plan and—

What? They’re not doing that? Well, that figures.

Look, playing it safe just isn’t the Batgirls’ style, and while Babs means well in telling her teammates to be cautious, they’re not about to let gangs of criminals roam the street of Gotham wreaking havoc and destruction in the name of the former leader of the Magistrate. Sure, it may mean trouble for them in the long run, but when has it not? And besides, beating up the bad guys is so much more fun!

In last month’s Batgirls #1, we saw our team move into their new home right as a mysterious wave of street art started appearing on the concrete walls and sidewalks of Gotham. And while street art is art, this particular form of it may just be a whole lot more. But before they could investigate it, Cass and Steph were confronted by the violent—let undeniably colorful—extremist group known as the Saints. How will the Batgirls escape? And will they tell Babs about any of this considering she didn’t want them out patrolling the streets? Find out in this exclusive first look at Batgirls #2, in stores next week!

Batgirls #2 by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jorge Corona and Sarah Stern will be available in print and as a digital comic book on Tuesday, January 11.