Like father, like son!

Earlier this year, we got word that actor Jordan Fisher will be guest starring on The Flash this season in the pivotal role of Bart Allen, Barry and Iris’s son from the future who fights crime as the speedy superhero known as Impulse. While Barry and Wally may be haunted by their pasts, Bart is all teenage attitude and wisecracks, who turns saving the world into the ultimate after school rush. He’s Young Justice’s resident class clown, the sort of superhero who realizes that you can only take life so seriously when you’re slipping on a suit of tight-fitting spandex and referring to yourself by a catchy code name.

So, it’s fitting that the first image of Fisher in his impulse suit is just that—fun. Based off of a memorable comic book splash illustration, The Flash’s Impulse is leaping to life, literally.

Traditionally, Bart Allen is Barry and Iris’s grandson, but he’s jumped a generation on the CW series. He’s now their son, as well as the fastest teenager on the planet. Fisher’s role is a recurring one, so we can expect to see him for more than one episode. He’ll be making his debut in what will be The Flash’s 150th episode, “Heart of the Matter, Part 1” where he’ll be teaming up with his sister Nora West-Allen, once again played by Jessica Parker Kennedy.

So, what do you think, Flash fans? Are you excited about Bart racing onto the scene? What do you think of his costume? And will you be watching his Arrowverse debut? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the DC Community, and remember to drop by each week for the latest news out of Central City (and everywhere else in the DCU)!