Barry Allen or Wally West? It’s been a lively topic of debate among Flash fans for generations. Is Barry Allen your Flash…or is it Wally West? There’s no wrong answer, although technically Barry’s been the DC Universe’s sole or primary Flash for the past twelve years. But with Wally’s reemergence in 2016 as a part of DC Universe: Rebirth, the former Kid Flash has returned to shaping the world of our favorite superheroes for better…or tragically worse.

Infamously, Wally West inadvertently caused the death of many of the heroes who sought refuge and healing at Sanctuary, including the likes of Roy Harper and Poison Ivy. Both have since come back (although Roy’s return isn’t yet known to his fellow heroes), but the weight of his actions has pulled at Wally ever since—not ideal for a hero known for his speed. Now that Wally’s family has been restored, the younger Flash has finally been able to put his troubled past behind him and focus on the future. But does that future include being a superhero?

It sure doesn’t seem like it as the new creative team of Jeremy Adams and Brandon Peterson make their debut in next week’s The Flash #768. With Barry wanting to focus on protecting the omniverse, he’d hoped Wally could once again become the Flash of Earth, but Wally’s not interested. In fact, it seems he wants to hang up his running shoes for good. Can Barry talk him out of it? Should Barry talk him out of it? It’s a time of change in all sorts of ways as The Flash enters the Infinite Frontier era—and we have a first look at the debut chapter!


The Flash #768 by Jeremy Adams, Brandon Peterson, Marco Santucci, David Lafuente, Mike Atiyeh, Arif Prianto and Luis Guerrero is available in print and as a digital comic on Tuesday, March 30.