It’s only been two months, but man, does it feel like a long time since we last checked in with present day Gotham. Can you even still remember those halcyon days when Bruce was trying to teach a young, Joker-hating kid life lessons while alternately duking and hugging it out with his old pal Ghost-Maker? It feels like it’s been ages! Still, if you’re starting to see spinning Jokers when you close your eyes, find yourself breaking out into the Batusi at inopportune times or experiencing any other symptoms of Bat-withdrawal, take heart—Batman’s return to comic stands is only days away.

Batman #106 welcomes back the team of James Tynion and Jorge Jimenez to Gotham’s flagship title, and they’re hitting the ground running with a new story that will find Bruce a captive to one of his most unpredictable villains—the Scarecrow. But how did he wind up in this predicament? The answer to that has to do with a new Gotham City gang that calls itself the Unsanity Collective. They’ve been creating trouble city-wide by calling for people to reject the traditional notion of sanity—an attractive prospect to many, it appears. (I mean, do you think you could stay sane in a city like Gotham?) To say much more would spoil the first Batman of 2021, however, since we know it’s been a while and you’re likely dying for a little Dark Knight, we decided to give you a taste…OF FEAR TOXIN!!!

No, we’re kidding. A taste…OF THE NEW ISSUE!! That’s what we meant to say! Of course, we can’t promise that, much like Dr. Crane’s signature weapon, it won’t leave you trembling a bit in terror. Jimenez knows how to make the Scarecrow look like the stuff of nightmares…and Tynion’s script? Well, it’s best that you just read it yourself, which you can start doing by checking out this exclusive sneak peek!

Batman #106 by James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez and Tomeu Morey is available in print and as a digital comic on Tuesday, March 2.

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