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The Legion of Superheroes Animated Series is Coming to Blu-ray

The Legion of Superheroes Animated Series is Coming to Blu-...

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

The future of the DC Universe is now.

DC’s animated legacy is groundbreaking and broad, from the defining, beloved Max Fleischer Superman shorts to the candy-colored Saturday morning nostalgia of Super Friends to the rich, expansive mythology of Batman: The Animated Series. But one of the best DC animated series of the past fifteen years has never been released in HD or as a complete collection…until now.

Legion of Superheroes aired for two seasons from 2006 through 2008 on The CW and was the first TV show to focus exclusively on DC’s 30th Century superteam. While Legion of Superheroes’ first season was released as a series of DVDs, the show’s second—and arguably even stronger—season never received a DVD release. Fortunately, all of that’s changing this summer. Warner Archive Collection announced today that they will be releasing Legion of Superheroes: The Complete Series on Blu-ray starting July 14, 2020. All 26 episodes of the show will be included, presenting in 16x9 widescreen across three discs. The set will also include an original featurette, “We Are Legion,” along with an exclusive audio commentary for the series’ two-part finale, “Dark Victory, Parts One and Two,” with producer James Tucker, director Brandon Vietti and Kari Wahlgren, who voiced Saturn Girl.

In addition, for those who may already own the first season on DVD, Warner Archive Collection will also be releasing Legion of Superheroes: The Complete Second Season on DVD for the very first time.

For those who have never before seen the series, it’s well worth a look. In Legion of Superheroes, which is set one thousand years from now, Superman inspires a group of emerging young heroes from the 31st Century to band together and defend the newly formed United Planets. In Season One, Legionnaires Bouncing Boy (Michael Cornacchia), Brainiac 5 (Adam Wylie), Saturn Girl (Wahlgren) and Lightning Lad (Andy Milder) travel back in time to convince an awkward teen named Clark Kent (Yuri Lowenthal) to join their Legion of Superheroes and battle their archnemeses, the Fatal Five. The insecure teen is, in turn, inspired by his new friends and, with their help, begins his journey to become the galaxy’s greatest hero. Catching up two years later, Season Two presents Superman and the Legion with an even greater challenge: Kell-El, the Superman of the 41st Century.

Along with its core team of Legionnaires and a time-displaced Man of Steel, the series featured many additional popular Legion characters like Cosmic Boy (voiced by Wil Wheaton), Triplicate Girl and Chameleon Boy, plus villains like Alexis Luthor, Imperiex, the Legion of Super-Villains and Brainiac. In the years after Legion of Superheroes’ cancellation, many of the creative minds behind the show would go on to even greater success within the world of DC animation, making this earlier series something of a time capsule. Vietti would eventually direct Batman: Under the Red Hood—one of the most beloved DC animated movies produced to date—and co-produce Young Justice, while James Tucker would eventually oversee the DC Animated Movie Universe, including the recent Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Both would go on to work on Batman: The Brave and the Bold after Legion of Superheroes ended.

Legion of Superheroes: The Complete Series is available for pre-order now. How many of you have seen it? If you haven’t, will you be checking it out on Blu-ray? And who’s your favorite Legionnaire?