Celebrate Pride Month With GLAAD Award-Winning Titles From DC and More!

Comic fans can celebrate Pride at home with GLAAD Award-winning titles on DC UNIVERSE, DC’s digital subscription service, like CATWOMAN by Ed Brubaker, THE FLASH by William Messer-Loebs, and the unforgettable 2018 hit, EXIT STAGE LEFT: THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES by Mark Russell. DC UNIVERSE also has over 20 GLAAD-nominated comic books for fans to read including MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO by Steve Orlando,  Marguerite Bennett’s beloved 2015 hit series, DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS, and BATWOMAN by J.H. Williams.

Outside of DC UNIVERSE, fans can purchase copies of DC’s young adult titles including Mariko Tamaki’s GLAAD Award-nominated HARLEY QUINN: BREAKING GLASS and YOU BROUGHT ME THE OCEAN by Lambda Award-winning writer Alex Sanchez (Rainbow Boys) illustrated by Julie Maroh (Blue is the Warmest Color), a new title that showcases a coming out story within DC. Other DC comics that fans can read to celebrate Pride include BATWOMAN: ELEGY NEW EDITION and BATGIRL VOL. 1: THE BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE

GLAAD Award-Winning titles available on DC UNIVERSE:

  • CATWOMAN (2002-) - Written by Ed Brubaker
  • EXIT STAGE LEFT: THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES (2018-) - Written by Mark Russell (Also on sale where comic books are sold)
  • THE FLASH (1987-) - Written by William Messner-Loebs

GLAAD Award-Nominated titles available on DC UNIVERSE: 

  • 52 (2006-) - Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
  • BATWOMAN (2011) - Written by JH Williams
  • BATWOMAN: REBIRTH (2017-) - Written by Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV
  • DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS (2015-) - Written by Marguerite Bennett
  • DEADMAN: DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE (2016-) - Written by Sarah Vaughn
  • EARTH 2 (2012-) - Written by James Robinson
  • GOTHAM CENTRAL (2002-) - Written by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka
  • HARD TIME (2004-)  Written by Steve Gerber
  • HARLEY QUINN (2016)- Written by Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner 
  • MADAME XANADU (2008-) - Written by Matt Wagner
  • MANHUNTER (2004-) - Written by Marc Andreyko
  • MIDNIGHTER (2006-) - Written by Garth Ennis, Brian K. Vaughan, Christos Gage, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Keith Giffen
  • MIDNIGHTER (2015-) - Written by Steve Orlando
  • MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO (2016-) - Written by Steve Orlando (Also available where comic books are sold)
  • OUTSIDERS (2003-) - Written Judd Winick
  • SECRET SIX (2006-)  - Written by Gail Simone
  • STARMAN (1996-) - Written James Robinson
  • SUPERBOY & THE RAVERS (1996-) - Written by Karl Kesel
  • SUPERGIRL (1996-) - Written by Peter David
  • THE AUTHORITY (1999-)  - Written by Warren Ellis
  • THE SPECTRE (1992-) - Written John Ostrander
  • YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE (1997-) - Written by Dan Raspler

Additional titles available from DC perfect for Pride:

  • YOU BROUGHT ME THE OCEAN (On-sale everywhere books are sold on June 9) - Written by Alex Sanchez; Art by Julie Maroh
    • Lambda Award-winning author Alex Sanchez (Rainbow Boys) and Julie Maroh, the creative visionary behind Blue is the Warmest Color,  come to DC for the first time to tell an original coming out story set against the backdrop of the DC universe.
  • HARLEY QUINN: BREAKING GLASS (On-sale now) - Written by Mariko Tamaki; Art. by Steve Pugh
    • Acclaimed YA author Mariko Tamaki teams up with fan-favorite artist Steve Pugh in this GLAAD Media Award-nominated original graphic novel that follows a teenage Harley Quinn and her found family of Drag Queens as they stand up against the gentrification infiltrating their neighborhood.
  • BATWOMAN: ELEGY NEW EDITION (On-sale now) - Written by Greg Rucka; Art by J.H. Williams III
  • BATGIRL VOL 1: BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE (On-sale now) - Written by Cameron Stewart and Bre; Art by Babs Tarr