The key to a great wrestler is an unforgettable entrance…and we all know Harley Quinn knows how to make that.

Harley’s BFF Alicia—otherwise known as “The Crusher”—has been murdered. Or at least, Harley’s convinced that's the case. For everyone else in the City of Angels, this underground wrestling legend took her own life, a victim of inner demons. However, there’s plenty of reason to doubt that, not the least of which is that the Jade Feather, the possibly magical emerald jewel that Alicia wore around her neck while wrestling, has gone missing. According to Alicia and her fans, the Jade Feather made the Crusher undefeatable in the ring. And what wrestler wouldn’t want that?

So, there’s motive, but figuring out who might have done it has proven pretty challenging, forcing Harley to resort to desperate measures—Booster Gold. The fame-addicted hero has been holing up in LA of late and crucially, believes that Harley’s friend may have been murdered. But Booster’s no Batman (that team-up was fifteen issues ago—pay attention, people!) and Harley’s no Superman, the latter of which is likely to be a problem in the upcoming Harley Quinn #72. After all, when last we left our sometimes hero, her plan to confront the commissioner of the league had left her squaring off in the ring against not one, not two, but pretty much every wrestler who suited up for the night. Find out how she fares in our exclusive first look at this pile driving new issue.

Harley Quinn #72 by Sam Humphries, ABEL and Hi-Fi is in stores and available digitally on Tuesday, May 12.