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Arrowverse: Mini-Crossovers Could Make For Major Fun

Arrowverse: Mini-Crossovers Could Make For Major Fun

By Mandy Curtis Thursday, April 30th, 2020

Welcome to the Couch Club, our column devoted to all things #DCTV! This week, Mandy Curtis imagines a few fun crossover ideas that could happen now that the multiverse isn't so multi.

One of my favorite things about the DCTV universe—most specifically the shows on The CW—is the crossover events. Watching all of the heroes get to work together across the span of multiple nights is such a fun adventure, and it always makes me a little sad when everyone goes back to their "normal" lives.

The most recent crossover event, "Crisis on Infinite Earths," was the most spectacular one yet, full of fist-pump moments and massive grin-inducing cameos. But the part that made me the most excited—you know, other than the fact that our heroes saved the day yet again—was that they're all now in one universe. THEY CAN HANG OUT ON THE REG. Setting aside the truly horrendous thoughts about all the people who died and the incalculable number of worlds lost during the Crisis...they can finally connect with each other and not have to worry about the world ending! (At least, not more than they already do every minute of every day. They are superheroes, after all.)

That’s huge, people! Maybe not as huge as seeing Tom Welling back as Clark Kent and watching Kevin Conroy play a live action Bruce Wayne for the first time ever, but still pretty darn major.

Or perhaps…not major at all. Maybe the best thing about having all of the Arrowverse on one Earth is all of the smaller, less epic moments it could bring about.

With that positive spin in mind, I couldn't help coming up with five ideas for mini-crossover events that I think we—and the heroes themselves—deserve...

Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow

Brainy attends one of Mick's/Rebecca Silver's book events hoping to gain romantic insights that he can then use to woo Nia. It obviously goes hilariously awry, but Nia sees it as endearing in the end as she often does his crazy romance antics. (This would have to take place when Brainy's a little less preoccupied with the events of the current Supergirl season, natch, but I have hopes that these crazy kids can eventually make it work!)

Batwoman/Black Lightning

Jacob and Jefferson meet for coffee to chat and commiserate about their daughters...and their daughters' issues. J'onn could join them—he's very much a father figure to the Danvers sisters—but three shows worth of dads coming together might need to be saved for an actual crossover event. (Or a Father’s Day episode!)


Alex and Kelly make a trip to Kate's bar. Both women deserve a night out—they work so hard!—and Kate's bar is a welcoming place that also serves as a way to fight back against certain judgmental folk in Gotham. Both Alex and Kelly enjoy occasionally "sticking it to the man," and there's no better place to do it in the new 'verse while having a quality drink.

Supergirl/Batwoman #2

Kara and Alex have a sit down with Kate and Alice in an attempt to provide a little sister counseling. Alice needs professional help, but until that day comes, it would be nice to see the Supergirl siblings offering some of their (sometimes hard-learned) sisterly lessons to the Kane twins. I'm not sure if Kara and Alex would be able to stop themselves from arresting Alice, given that they err very much on the side of the right—and Alice, uh, does not—but if they thought they were getting through to her, they might let her off a little easy.

The Flash/Supergirl

Barry becomes a regular at karaoke night at Al's Dive Bar. We know both Barry and Kara can sing—and sing beautifully together. I would absolutely not be mad if Barry joined her for a few duets every week, and if that meant more musical episodes? I am here. For. It.

The possibilities are near endless now that all of these heroes are just a quick flight, sprint, or time jump away from each other. I for one hope we get to see more of this sort of thing in the future!

Mandy Curtis writes about comics, specifically DC’s Young Adult line, and TV for You can find her on Twitter at @mandyannecurtis.