The “Ultimate DC Villain” is Reverse-Flash!!

DC UNIVERSE Member With Winning Bracket Receives Trip to
World Premiere of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

After 64 DC villains went head-to-head in DC UNIVERSE’s popular bracket-style tournament “Meta Madhouse: Tournament of Terror,” Reverse-Flash came out on top to win the title of “Ultimate DC Villain.” Plus the fan with the most points also won a grand prize - a trip to the world premiere of Wonder Woman 1984!

See the clip here!

Kicking off at C2E2, DC UNIVERSE sorted fans into teams including The Joker Maniacs, Darkseid Invaders, Lex Luthor Masterminds and The Cheetah Beasts, all who battled it out to discover the ultimate villain in an intense six-week long battle. 

To twist things up, DC UNIVERSE activated an all-new feature, the “Lazarus Pit Save,” a pit maneuver allowing these villains to reverse the results of any single match-up they lose in the first four rounds of competition. Secretly awarded by DC’s talent, Brian Michael Bendis (SUPERMAN) selected Talia, Phil Jimenez (WONDER WOMAN) saved Zebra-Man, Echo Kellum (CW’s “Arrow”) chose Harley Quinn, and Phil Morris (DOOM PATROL) resurrected Black Adam. 

The tournament ultimately came down to four DC Villains - Reverse-Flash from The Joker Maniacs, Black Adam from Darkseid Invaders, Brainiac from Lex Luthor Masterminds and Gorilla Grodd from The Cheetah Beasts - who competed to win the title of “Ultimate DC Villain.” These villains brought their best skills and tactics to the championship round, but only one was allowed to go home undefeated. 

As DC Daily has revealed, the “Ultimate DC Villain” is The Joker Maniacs Reverse-Flash, also known as Professor Zoom. The wicked speedster was created by John Broome (THE FLASH, GREEN LANTERN) and Carmine Infantino (THE FLASH) and made his first appearance in THE FLASH #139 (1963). To find out more about The Flash’s evil opposite, visit DCUniverse.com to read up on Reverse-Flash in his first comic debut and in THE FLASH (1987) #74-79, FLASHPOINT: REVERSE-FLASH #1 (2011), THE FLASH #23.2 (2013), THE FLASH: REBIRTH (2009) #1-6 and more.

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