If you couldn’t guess this by now, Batman is a car person.

Since the hero’s debut, he’s boasted all manner of rides, from flamboyant, eccentric sedans that take the bat motif to the extreme, to imaginative, next gen rockets on wheels, to urban beasts like we see in The Dark Knight Returns. So, with each new Batman film, we’re never sure at first what we’re going to get.

Today, director Matt Reeves cleared up that mystery for us by giving us our first glimpse of the latest Batmobile today on Twitter.



Reeves has said this is a Batman early in his career—so it’s only fitting this would be an early, more realistic version of a Batmobile too.

The photos also give us a good look at the full batsuit, which you can see in the images below. Personally, we can’t wait to see both of these in action. How many more days are there until 2021, again?

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The Batman may still be over a year away, but our excitement over it is already growing. But how about you, Bat-fans? Are you excited for this latest trip to Gotham? Either way, if you happen to see the new Batmobile in your rearview mirror, you might want to let it pass.