We all want to find that special someone in our lives, but usually the search for Mr. or Ms. Right isn’t a literal one. Then again, most of us aren’t Ralph Dibny, the guy who wrote the literal book on getting over an ex. When it comes to his love life, Ralph tends to go about things a different way.

Enter Sue Dearbon, the missing client Ralph has been trying to find since the end of season five. She finally arrives on The Flash tonight in a can’t-miss new episode called “A Girl Named Sue.” Played by Natalie Dreyfuss (The Originals), Sue isn’t about to return home just because Ralph finally tracks her down. She has a little adventure in store for Central City’s Elongated Man, and it’s one that will lead Ralph to discover that there’s a lot more to Sue than he realizes...including some unmistakable chemistry between them.

After all of the close calls and near misses, we were so excited to meet the mysterious Sue Dibn—er, Dearbon that we didn’t want to wait till tonight’s episode. So, we called Dreyfuss up to discuss what we can expect from Sue now that Ralph’s finally caught up with her, what sort of fireworks we may see between them and whether it’s more fun to solve a mystery...or be one.

So, at this point in the show, Ralph has been searching for Sue Dearbon for a long time. Is hiding her superpower?

Yeah! What we're sort of aware of is that she is this very mysterious debutante. She obviously comes from this background of a ton of money, and she's completely just fallen off the face of the earth. And it's this kind of case that of obviously Ralph is going to love.

At this point, that's all we really know about Sue. She's clearly been hiding, but we don't know why and we don't know exactly what she's gotten into, or if she's okay. We just know that she clearly has some mysterious elements.

Care to elaborate on that? What would you say are some of Sue’s more interesting qualities?

She’s a fun character to play because she has so much wit and humor. My background as an actor is mostly in comedy, so it's really fun for me to be able to play in that arena.

When Ralph finally does find Sue after this long, long search of his, what can we expect? What’s their relationship going to be like?

I think it's going to be a really fun thing for the audience to see this chemistry that happens right away between these two people. They sometimes talk at the same time by accident. It just feels like they're connected in this weird way. And it was really fun to find that in those scenes with Hartley, whom I've known personally for ten years.

Oh wow…

Yeah, so it was really fun for us to figure out that chemistry, right at the right at the top of their meeting. You know, find that connection together and play in that together because we had this long history of friendship already.

I’m curious since you mentioned having a friendship with Hartley, does that make it easier to play a character who has a relationship with his character? Or do you find that gets in the way a little bit?

I definitely find it easier. I think when I auditioned for the role, walking in for a chemistry read and having it be an old friend was just such a lovely surprise. And also I'm so comfortable messing with him. (laughs)

It’s a big part of our relationship! So, that was really fun for the producers to see immediately in the audition process—I was really comfortable just messing with Hartley and he loves that because he knows me and trusts me. That really reflects the characters that you know. Sue’s extra confident, very witty and not afraid to play around.

Of course, the other thing about the Elongated Man is that he’s a part of Team Flash. Do you think Sue could potentially have something to contribute to the team down the line?

The thing about Sue is they really made an emphasis on wanting this character to be her own person. You know, she's not Ralph’s arm candy. She’s her own person who's going to have her own complex story and her own things to contribute to the show in general.

I would say, so far, in terms of what we know, we know that she's incredibly smart and can really figure her way out of some sticky situations.

Sue has definitely been Ralph’s biggest mystery to date. Do you think it’s more fun solving a mystery...or being one?

Being a mystery, for sure.

Really? Why is that?

I love being a mystery. I just think it's so cool to have this story unravel for Ralph and unfold in front of him and to be in that position where there's just so much that he doesn't know. I just find it to be a really fun character because of that.

It’s no big mystery that Ralph and Sue eventually get married in the comics. Putting aside whether that might happen on the show or not, do you think it would be easier being a superhero or being married to one?

If it was me, Natalie, I’d want to be a superhero.

You’d rather be one?

Yeah, who doesn’t?

So, the idea of going out there and facing danger doesn’t bother you?

If you knew me, you would know that’s very true about me.

"A Girl Named Sue," featuring the debut of Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue Dearbon, airs tonight on The Flash at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on The CW. Visit our official Flash page for more news, articles and features about Barry Allen and Team Flash.