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First Look: Dr. Quinn Dives Into the Joker's Past

First Look: Dr. Quinn Dives Into the Joker's Past

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Determined to catch the psychopath who killed her college roommate, Dr. Harley Quinn explores the Joker’s past in this Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity first look.

Back in action after a long break, the serial killer known as the Joker has a new string of victims in Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity, the gripping new DC Black Label series from writer Kami Garcia and artists Mico Suayan, Mike Mayhew, Jason Badower and Annette Kwok. Even worse, the GCPD is no closer to figuring out the seemingly brilliant psychopath’s identity than they were when he first appeared on the scene five years ago.

Except for Dr. Harley Quinn, that is. Mistrusted by much of the department and driven by her own personal connection to the case, the young forensic psychiatrist has been eliminating suspects and inching closer to the truth, which seems to suggest that the Joker is John Kelly, the son of the killer’s first victim, Mick Kelly. As we’ve learned more about the violence, abuse and tragedy of John’s childhood, it’s not exactly surprising to hear he might not be the most sound-minded adult. But Dr. Quinn still needs evidence, and even if she gets it, she’ll still need to find John Kelly, someone who has all but disappeared since his father’s death.

In this exclusive first look at issue #3, we see Harley learn some puzzling facts from John’s past, while a young John is given a potentially life-changing classroom assignment. What does it all mean? Are Dr. Quinn and the GCPD close to catching the Joker, or are they right where their disturbed suspect wants them? Check out the preview…but do yourself a favor and lock your doors first.


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Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #3 by Kami Garcia, Mico Suayan, Jason Badower and Annette Kwok is in stores Wednesday, February 5.