While most groups might go with flowers, cake or a nice catered lunch to welcome a new team member, Task Force X prefers something a little less traditional—a subdermal explosive device that they can detonate with the push of a button. It’s certainly effective in keeping new recruits in line, but it doesn’t exactly make them feel like they’re part of a family. So, can anyone really be surprised that the most recent Suicide Squad is having some trouble working together?

In last month’s Suicide Squad #1, the team was formed after its new taskmaster, a mysterious and cold piece of work named Lok, sent the prior Squad to intercept the international terrorist group known as the Revolutionaries. The battle was pretty typical for a Suicide Squad mission—bloody and with more than its fair share of casualties on both sides—but Lok’s team of super-villains ultimately came out on top. Which would be wonderful, except what he didn’t tell the Suicide Squad is that the reason he wanted the Revolutionaries was to recruit them to Task Force X.

From trying to kill each other to working together as teammates? What could possibly go wrong? We’ll start to get an idea next week when Suicide Squad #2 hits stands. But since we’re even worse about waiting than King Shark when there’s blood in the water, we’re giving you an exclusive first look at this thrill ride of a second issue. Strap in and enjoy.

Suicide Squad #2 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas is in stores Wednesday, January 29.