For months, Batman fans worldwide have collectively grieved for Alfred Pennyworth, the Dark Knight’s beloved butler, partner and surrogate father who was shockingly murdered by Bane in the pages of Batman #77. It’s not been easy. Alfred was as valuable a member of the Bat-Family as they come. While Bruce has grown into a father himself, he’s never not needed Alfred, who provided invaluable support, advice and when necessary, criticism.

Now that’s all gone, only Batman doesn’t know this. At least, not until this week’s Batman #83 when the tragic truth is finally uncovered by Bruce. In the previous issue, Batman had been on the verge of triumph, finally defeating Bane with the assistance of Catwoman. But then the Flashpoint Batman—Bruce’s father from another timeline who had been assisting Bane—arrived unexpectedly and shot both Bruce and Bane. Now, as the next chapter begins, Bruce awakens to find himself seated across from the lifeless body of his most trusted companion. What happens next, as you’ll see in this exclusive first look at issue #83, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Batman #83 by Tom King, Mikel Janín and Jordie Bellaire is in stores Wednesday.