The evildoers of the DC Universe will all be on their best bad behavior as Harley Quinn hosts the most unbelievable, unpredictable awards ceremony this side of Arkham! Bad guys big and small will soon be gathering in the Hall of Doom to do what they do best—congratulate themselves! The competition is sure to be killer, but for the night to be a wicked success, it’ll need a little help from you.

HARLEY QUINN: VILLAIN OF THE YEAR #1 brings the thrill of awards season to the comic book page, with the winners of all the major categories chosen by you.

Click on the links below to vote in each category, and check out HARLEY QUINN: VILLAIN OF THE YEAR #1, in comic shops December 11, to find out who will be crowned Villain of the Year!








The nominees are...

Deathstroke – As seen in DEATHSTROKE #44 – Deathstroke was killed by Red Arrow of the Teen Titans and stayed dead for about a minute before another villain named Raptor infected him with leprosy which somehow kicked his healing factor into gear and brought him back to life. Now he’s living the good life, anonymously, as a nurse…but his old life is pulling him back sooner than he’d anticipated.
Lobo – As seen in TEEN TITANS #31 – Lobo’s brief stint in the Justice League of America didn’t take, so now he’s back to being an intergalactic bounty hunter. A villain named The Other hires him to take down the Teen Titans who, as it turns out, his illegitimate daughter has been hanging out with.
Black Manta – As seen in AQUAMAN #50 – Lex Luthor offers to give Black Manta a giant killer robot called MECHA MANTA that houses the consciousness of his dead father who was killed by Aquaman many years ago. He accepts, and Aquaman is about to pay dearly.
Captain Cold – As seen in THE FLASH #75 – Captain Cold had been serving hard time in Belle Reve, so when Lex Luthor offered to break him out and give him the most dangerous tech in the universe, ol’ Len Snart just couldn’t refuse. Now he’s got the band back together, and he and the ultra-powered Rogues have conquered Central City and vanquished the Flash!
Mirror Master – As seen in THE FLASH #78 – As part of Trickster’s grand heist of Central City, Mirror Master was a very rich man. So what does a sleazebag do with a bunch of money? Buy a mansion, throw a month-long party and have himself a bender that leaves him passed out in a hot tub with his socks still on. No wonder Golden Glider left him! Well Captain Cold doesn’t care how rich he is, Mirror Master’s the key to conquering Central City, so this drunkard is getting drafted!
The Batman Who Laughs – As seen in THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 – This twisted version of Bruce Wayne began the year by terrorizing Gotham, bringing different versions of himself from around the Multiverse into the DCU and murdering them. He capped that, however, by infecting six of Earth’s greatest heroes to make them just like him, with the goal of spreading the infection across the planet and turning everyone into the worst versions of themselves.
Bane – As seen in BATMAN #75 – This guy hates Batman so much, he’s taken Gotham City from him, kicked him out, and is now using his rogues gallery as the city’s police force. He’s super smart, super-strong (thanks to Venom), and will do whatever it takes to finally prove he’s better than Batman.
Flashpoint Batman – As seen in BATMAN #73 – Bruce Wayne’s father from an alternate world somehow survived the end of his reality in “The Button” and now serves as the only Batman in City of Bane. All he wants is for li’l Bruce to live a life free of Batman, and Thomas Wayne is okay with killing his son if that’s the only way to keep him out of the cowl.
Lex Luthor – As seen in JUSTICE LEAGUE #25 – Luthor has not only dissolved his fortune and faked his own death, but he’s used the opportunity to give villains around the world the necessary tools to defeat their heroes and has himself upgraded into an Apex Predator. It's all in the name of raising the dark goddess Perpetua and turning the world toward its rightful state—Doom!
Catwoman – As seen in CATWOMAN #9 – Selina Kyle has been having a blast since she moved to California. She has taken out her town’s biggest crime boss, pulled off a theft for the Penguin, and helped out a friend by stealing back something that was stolen from him. Wait…is that stuff good or bad?
The Joker – As seen in YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: THE JOKER #1 – Joker has taken advantage of the chaos of Bane’s taking over Gotham in order to have his own twisted version of fun. Everyone cower before him!
Perpetua – As seen in JUSTICE LEAGUE #30 – She created the Multiverse, only to get locked in the Source Wall by her children when she decided it wasn’t worth keeping around if everyone was just going to be nice to each other. Now she’s out of the Wall and looking to take back her power. First step, a war between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom!
Rogol Zaar – As seen in SUPERMAN #11 – Turns out he’s the one who blew up Krypton. Rogol Zaar recently led his Phantom Zone cronies in a fight against the House of El. Supergirl punched his eye out and he’s currently captured and imprisoned by the United Planets.
Brainiac-1 – As seen in SUPERGIRL #34 – He is a Brainiac drone given the directive to retrieve all the missing data Brainiac has lost across the galaxy. This specific drone’s directive was to retrieve Kryptonian information, so he goes to Earth to retrieve this—instead, Apex Lex convinces B-1 that he is the real Brainiac and offers B-1 all of Brainiac’s data so he could be the TRUE Brainiac.
The Red Cloud – As seen in ACTION COMICS #1012 – A Red Cloud who fought Superman and survived by choking him out—she is Robinson Goode, the new Daily Planet reporter. She is the Invisible Mafia’s queenpin’s right hand woman. Apex Lex offered her complete control of her powers and now she's absolutely terrifying.
Leviathan – As seen in ACTION COMICS #1007 SUPERMAN: LEVIATHAN RISING SPECIAL #1 and EVENT LEVIATHAN #1 - The world thinks he’s been exploding organizations around the world—in reality, the blue explosive light is teleportation tech that he’s been using to absorb all organizations and the assets/tech each org can offer. There are no more orgs, good or bad (A.R.G.U.S., D.E.O, SPYRAL, ETC.)—everything is Leviathan.
Oracle – As seen in BATGIRL  #37 – Shut down and abandoned, Oracle has been reactivated by an unknown party and given the body of an A.I. robot. Once activated they were given purpose and a little background info. Now they yearn to discover why they were abandoned and make Batgirl pay for what she has done to them!
Red Hood – As seen in RED HOOD: OUTLAW #37 – After his fellow Outlaws, Artemis and Bizarro, were sucked into a dimensional portal – and his best friend, Arsenal, was murdered – Red Hood struck out on his own, traveling the countryside and meting out his own brand of outlaw justice. But as he started crossing the line from anti-hero to outright villain, he decided to kidnap the Penguin and steal control of the Iceberg Lounge, all before accepting Lex Luthor’s offer to train the next generation of DC super-villain – but for now they’re just kids.
Mister Freeze – As seen in DETECTIVE COMICS #1008 – Lex offers Mister Freeze a way to finally bring Nora Fries, his wife, back to perfect health and out of the cryogenic stasis she’s been in for years. But when she wakes up, she’s not the same. She’s angry, broken and far from happy with Victor or the world she’s woken up to.
Ra’s Al Ghul – As seen in BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #3 – Ra’s has lost everything. He’s lost the League of Assassins and the army that came with it. Lex offers him a chance to steal Batman’s Outsiders from him, turn them into his new League of Assassins and get his second chance at making the world right.
The Ventriloquist – As seen in BATMAN #75 – When Batman’s Father from Another Dimension takes over Wayne Manor in the City of Bane, he needs an equally twisted servant to be his Alfred. Enter the Ventriloquist and his doll, Scarface. It may look like he’s not up to much, but come on, you know this guy is up to something. 
Black Mask – As seen in BLACK MASK: YEAR OF THE VILLAIN #1– Newly freed from prison and sporting a new mask made special for him by Lex Luthor, this dangerous criminal mastermind can now become anyone at any time, adopting their name, face, voice, and entire life. He’s currently living as a rich dude in Australia…or is he?
Controller Mu – As seen in THE GREEN LANTERN #6 – Controller Mu engineered the rewriting of all reality, manipulating Hal Jordan into changing the history of the entire universe so that there never was a Green Lantern Corps. The result is devastating fascism across the universe policed by Mu’s Blackstars.
The Cheetah – As seen in WONDER WOMAN #75 – Gifted the God Killer sword from Lex Luthor, The Cheetah is on a quest to kill the gods that control Wonder Woman's life. She began with Aphrodite and has now set her sights on Hera. Wishing to set her former friend free, she plans to summon the Mother of Gods by any means necessary.



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