Joker fans have a few new things to smile about, as we got a look at the Todd Phillips movie’s latest trailer…and were given two new posters to boot.

The trailer—the final one to be released before the movie hits theaters—expands what we know about the movie considerably. Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is a clown-for-hire who wants to become a stand up comedian, but doesn’t seem to be very successful at it. It looks like he has a few issues with Brett Cullen’s Thomas Wayne and it appears his actions garner up some mask-wearing supporters. However, what we’ll likely remember about the trailer is that it contains one of the most chilling lines we’ve heard in a movie all year: “All I have are negative thoughts.”

You should definitely check out the trailer if you haven’t yet, but before you go, take a look at the two just-released posters for the film. Both look like they’re images from the film, but they’re certainly memorable ones, and along with the other posters and trailers that have been released, give us a real sense of what we can expect when Joker hits theaters on October 4th.

So, what do you think? Over the past several decades, Warner Bros. and DC have made classic, defining films for heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Will Joker be the first movie to do the same for a villain?