What’s a speedster without the Speed Force? While Batman’s abilities come from deep pockets and years of study, Aquaman and Superman gain their powers from their unique physiology and Wonder Woman’s are a gift from the gods, the Flash gets his speed from one place—the Speed Force. So, we ask again, what is the Flash without the Speed Force?

Over the years, the momentously strong, somewhat mystical force that powers most speedsters and helps keep the other forces of the world in balance has been shown to be extremely important to not only the Flash, but to the entire DC Multiverse. If it were to suddenly be no more, it’s hard to predict what might happen…but it’s probably not going to be good. Along with losing some of the world’s best heroes, we can expect disruption on a fundamental scale. Cosmic forces held in check, suddenly unchecked. Super-villains imprisoned over the years in the Speed Force, unexpectedly free. Parts of the Multiverse previously inaccessible, now open for anyone to explore. It could turn the world inside out, making fast things slow and slow things solid. It could play havoc with time and space.

Really, this is all just scratching the surface. We just don’t know what the death of the Speed Force would mean for the DC Universe. In fact, the only thing we do know is that we’re about to find out. This week’s The Flash #76 kicks off an impactful new storyline for Barry Allen and the rest of the world’s Flashes. If you’re a Flash fan, you’re not going to want to miss this one. But if you need further enticement, enjoy this exclusive sneak peek, which brings Wallace West and Avery Ho back to Central City…along with two of the Flash’s messier villains.

The Flash #76 by Joshua Williamson, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona and Tomeu Morey is in stores Wednesday.