Everyone remembers their first.

Super-villain, that is! In last month”s The Flash #71, the “Year One” storyline continued as Barry Allen found himself in a nightmare future in which all of Central City was controlled and terrorized by the speed-stealing baddie known as the Turtle. With help from his future self, who also gave Barry some much-needed tutoring on how to use his powers, the lost-in-time speedster managed to return to the present day only to find Central City Trust being robbed by none other than—you guessed it!—the Turtle.

If Barry could stop the Turtle in the present, he can prevent that horrifying future from ever happening. But Barry’s completely new to fighting with his super-powers. In fact, as we learn in this exclusive first look at this week’s The Flash #72, he’s completely new to fighting, period. And while the Turtle is hardly his most formidable foe, he’s powerful enough to stop the still-green Scarlet Speedster right in his tracks. After all, if Barry can prevent the Turtle’s future from ever happening, then the Turtle has the power to stop Barry’s as well…

The Flash #72 from Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter and Hi-Fi is in stores Wednesday.