Seemingly down two members, the Female Furies are looking for blood…which is bad news for all of us since they just arrived on Earth.

In last month’s Female Furies #4, the Furies were shocked and angered when Big Barda left Apokolips to join the recently escaped Scott Free on Earth. However, unknown to Barda, Lashina had the foresight to attach a tracker to her before it happened, making the matter of hunting her down far too simple. Of course, that’s how Granny Goodness likes it. After all, everything that’s happening is all according to plan, and if the Furies succeed in killing Scott, as Granny has little doubt they will, it’ll cement her importance in the eyes of the mighty Darkseid and finally earn her the respect she so desperately craves.

None of which really matters to Big Barda. After seeing one of her closest friends abused and killed and witnessing the Furies' absolute best efforts to prove themselves amount to nothing within the vicious patriarchy of Apokolips, she’s determined to find a better life for herself—and that life is Scott. But as the famous couple is reunited in our exclusive preview of Female Furies #5, one has to wonder if that new life will be over before it’s had a chance to begin.

Female Furies #5 by Cecil Castellucci, Adriana Melo and Hi-Fi is in stores Wednesday.