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First Look: The End of the Teen Titans?

First Look: The End of the Teen Titans?

By Tim Beedle Monday, May 13th, 2019

The Teen Titans face shock, death and betrayal after their confrontation with Deathstroke in this exclusive first look at Teen Titans #30.

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end for Robin’s new Teen Titans? It does kind of seem like it in this week’s Teen Titans #30, a dramatic epilogue to the recent “Terminus Agenda” crossover storyline.

Not exactly the most stable team on a good day, these young Titans have struggled to build cohesion and a common way of doing things. But things just slipped from bad to way the heck worse in the aftermath of Deathstroke #43, in which the Teen Titans learned about Robin and Red Arrow’s top-secret prison. As if covertly holding criminals with no due process or basic human rights wasn’t bad enough, the team also discovered Damian’s Terminus Agenda—a lethal failsafe in case any of the prisoners escaped—and witnessed Red Arrow permanently put Deathstroke down with an arrow through his head.

It’s fair to say that several of the Teen Titans have some pretty big problems with everything that just went down, something that they make known right away in this exclusive preview of Teen Titans #30. In fact, the situation’s so bad that the team may not survive…at least in its current form. Check out the sneak peek, prepare yourself for even MORE shocks and heartbreak, and be sure to grab the full issue when it hits stores this Wednesday.


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Teen Titans #30 by Adam Glass, Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo and Hi-Fi is in stores Wednesday.