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Kevin Conroy: The "Short" Interview

Kevin Conroy: The "Short" Interview

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

By now, most fans of Batman and exciting animation have seen the two era-spanning shorts produced by Bruce Timm and WB Animation in celebration of the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary. While it’s undeniably exhilarating to see Timm return to the character for which he’s most famous and to see Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne bantering again on Batman Beyond, fans have also been downright giddy at hearing Batman once again voiced by Kevin Conroy, the beloved actor who first embodied him on Batman: The Animated Series and is THE voice of Batman for an entire generation.

We thought it would be fun and enlightening to sit down with Conroy for an interview about these two unique projects. Only, in staying true to the spirit of the shorts, we're keeping the interview brief. Three questions—one for each minute of animation!

How did you get involved with the two Batman 75th Anniversary shorts?

Bruce Timm wrote them, and I was really privileged to have him ask me to do it. I would do anything that Bruce Timm was involved in. That was a really lucky thing for me to be able to start with the A-team. I stumbled into animation and I was working with the best people in the business. So for Bruce to ask me to be involved with the shorts was a real honor.

Was the thought of working with Will Friedle again a part of it for you?

Definitely! He’s a terrific, terrific guy. We developed a really wonderful relationship doing Batman Beyond, so it was a real plus to working on the shorts.

With Batman now celebrating his 75th anniversary, do you have any thoughts on being a part of that legacy? You’ve been there for a good portion of it.

I’m always amazed at how life evolves and unfolds. I love that John Lennon song about how life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. I never planned on this, and it just evolved. But when it did, it felt so right. I’m just very, very lucky to have found this job and really privileged that the audience reacted the way they did.

If you haven’t yet seen the two Batman 75th Anniversary shorts, you can see them both in full below…

But wait... there's more! Kevin Conroy is also the voice of Batman in the Rocksteady Arkham Asylum games, and can be heard in the upcoming installment, Batman: Arkham Knight, as well as the DC Universe Original Animated Movie, Batman: Assault on Arkham. You can check out that trailer right here.