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DC All Access: One Knight in Arkham

DC All Access: One Knight in Arkham

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

The more we see of Batman: Arkham Knight, the harder it becomes to accept that we can't play it yet. So needless to say, today’s all new episode of DC All Access has driven us so crazy that we should be locked up in… Well, you know.

Tiffany and Blair get things started this week by giving us our first look at the new E3 trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight and talk to Rocksteady Developers Dax Ginn and Zafer Coban about what we can expect from this highly anticipated new game. After that, we journey with the Dark Knight from videogames to comics as we talk Detective Comics with its new artist and co-writer, Francis Manapul, before heading to New York for an exclusive sneak peek at the brand new CW series, The Flash!


Be sure to visit the following links for even more access:

It looks good, but how does it play? Check out the Arkham Knight gameplay trailer:

Looking to get caught up on Detective Comics? It’s no mystery where to start:

Unfolded and uncropped! See Kim and Kanye’s full “Just Married” pic:

Get up to speed with our brand new Flash page: