Dark Nights: Metal

Straight from the pages of the bestselling DARK NIGHTS: METAL comics series comes an all-new line of 7” statues from DC Collectibles. These awesomely dark Batman statues honor Greg Capullo’s art from the comic book in stunning detail and are perfect additions to any Metal fan’s collection.

Launching in May, 2019, the line will recreate eight characters from the series in total, including the fearsome Batman Who Laughs as a deluxe statue. You can also look for a Batman with baby Darkseid statue, as well as the six other Dark Multiverse Batmen: The Red Death, The Drowned, The Dawnbreaker, The Murder Machine, The Merciless and The Devastator. 

Fans looking to build a perfect—and thoroughly metal—display should note that all of the statues feature uniquely shaped bases that are designed to be configured together in a variety of ways. It’s a DC Collectibles first! Even more, some of the pieces also feature interchangeable parts and articulation, another aspect which helps to set these statues apart from the rest.

Engines of Chaos

DC Engines of Chaos is a line of highly detailed 7” statues, set in a gritty and dystopian Gotham City. Designed by Riley Rossmo, each statue tells a specific story and are all on unique environmental bases. The first character to be featured is Batman coming out in October, 2019. The statue shows Batman fighting off Joker-bots as he speeds through the desert.

Poison Ivy is the second in the line and hits stores February, 2020. The statue features the villainess atop her scooter as the only source of greenery in a barren and destroyed Gotham. The statue really shows off Rossmo’s detailed design with pumpkins, creatures and plant details.


DC ¡LUCHA EXPLOSIVA! is a thrilling and imaginative new universe that blends the action-packed world of Lucha libre with iconic DC characters. Each 7’’ action figure is a Latin American-inspired reimagining of a popular DC Super Hero or Super-Villain, complete with a unique character backstory rooted in Mexico’s rich cultural history. Fans can create epic storylines while battling with the first wave of figures inspired by Superman, Metallo II, Wonder Woman, and the Cheetah beginning in August, 2019.