When last we saw the Titans, they were hurling through space after a confrontation with one of the Ocean Lords in the “Drowned Earth” tie-in, TITANS #28. The team had managed to obtain potentially world-saving information from one of the attacking ships, but with the Ocean Lord’s appearance, they weren’t able to share that information with anybody and...well, it’s now unsure if they’ll ever get the chance.

The team had to escape in such a hurry and under such duress that Steel didn’t get a chance to input coordinates when they jumped, so they could be anywhere in the universe. They have no food, no water, no supplies and the Boom Room took some pretty heavy damage in the escape. But, on the bright side, as Donna Troy says in our preview of this week’s TITANS #29, at least they’re not dead.

So yes, that’s something. The Titans AREN’T dead. But with no idea where they are, no way to get back and nothing to eat or drink, how long will they stay that way?

TITANS #29 by Dan Abnett, Minkyu Jung, John Dell and Adriano Lucas is in stores this Wednesday.