We’ve all been there at one point in our life. With so many exciting, highly acclaimed graphic novels out there featuring your favorite DC characters, where do you begin?

That’s easy. You begin with the DC ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS catalog.

Released every year, the catalog is an easy-to-read listing of the best of our best. Kicking off with our 25 Essential Graphic Novels, the DC Essential Graphic Novels catalogue also includes lists of great starting points for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Justice League and more. In short, it’s our single greatest resource for fans looking to dive into to the world of DC graphic novels for the first time…or the first time in a while.

You can look for the newly released 2019 catalog at your local comic book shop, or you can browse through it online by click the link below. We hope you find it useful and look forward to many years of talking comics with you!