For most of us here at, the first twenty-some years of our lives were spent playing video games, writing angsty blogs and trying to figure out how we could get out of fourth-period French class.

That’s clearly not the case for the heroes of Titans, DC Universe’s original series based on the iconic teen superteam (though, let’s be real, Raven TOTALLY has an angsty blog). In the latest poster, which offers us our best look at them in action yet, they’re posed and primed to kick some serious butt. Raven’s summoning up some dark energy, Starfire’s readying a starbolt, Beast Boy is about to get feral and Robin’s bruised, defiant and not going down without a fight. It’s a striking image that makes us wonder where all the cool crimefighters were hiding when we were that age. (Say, you don’t suppose they were all in fourth-period French, were they? Maybe we shouldn’t have been trying to ditch it!)

Let us know what you think of the poster, and be sure to catch the premiere of Titans at New York Comic Con on October 3rd and on DC Universe on October 12th!