Black Lightning may have everything under control, but Jefferson Pierce? That’s a whole other question, as we discover in the latest photos to be released from the series’ season premiere. Season 1 ended with Black Lightning, Thunder and the rest of the Pierce family taking down the A.S.A.’s strike force. But actions have consequences, and from what we’ve seen of Season 2, it’s clear those consequences are going to impact Jefferson’s life outside the mask. Garfield’s school board is afraid for the students and is threatening to shut down the school. And Tobias Whale is still out there, looking menacing as ever. Will Ms. Fowdy, who looks pretty intense in her night vision goggles, be joining him? And what can we expect from guest star Robert Townsend, who’s seen sitting with Jefferson (Cress Williams) below? Will he be the one to swing the axe on Garfield?

Black Lightning returns to The CW on October 9, 2018.