While much has transpired since the four heroes known as “The Terrifics” first made their debut, fans are unlikely to forget that one of their first mysteries involved a cryptic recording by someone named Tom Strong. (If you don’t know who he is, this should help.) However, since that recording, there’s been no sign of hide nor hair of the long-missing “science hero.”

Until now, that is.

THE TERRIFICS #7 kicks off a gleeful new storyline called “Tom Strong and the Terrifics” that marks the return of the character and his world. In search of a cure for the Dark Energy bond that forces Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Phantom Girl and Plastic Man to stay within close range of each other, the team finds itself in the remarkable Millennium City. But their search for the city’s beloved hero won’t go as smoothly as hoped, especially when they find his lab destroyed. Could the fabled adventurer really be dead as his earlier recording warned? Possibly…but he’s very much alive in this exclusive sneak peek at the issue. Enjoy!

THE TERRIFICS #7 by Dale Eaglesham, Jeff Lemire and Mike Atiyeh is in stores this Wednesday.