DC Entertainment mourns the loss of Steve Ditko, a true legend of the comic book industry. He will forever be remembered for co-creating Spider-Man, but that was just one of his many accomplishments. 

Steve Ditko’s career in comics spanned over 60 years, and he worked for many publishers. He is justly famous for his work during the 1960s at Marvel Comics, where he co-created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Steve also had two stints at DC Comics.  

"A Ditko comic never looked like anyone else’s," said DC Entertainment Publisher Dan DiDio. "Aside from his deceptively simple art style—which was uniquely Ditko's—he was a master at plotting and filling his stories with energy." 

Steve first started contributing to DC in 1968. He only stayed a year, but he left his mark with several unconventional characters. His signature creation was the Creeper, a vigilante crime-fighter with a sinister appearance and a warped sense of humor. Equally unusual were The Hawk and the Dove, two bickering brothers on opposite sides of the political spectrum. The pair spent as much time fighting over liberal and conservative politics as they did battling their enemies. 

"Steve Ditko's impact and achievements are legendary," said DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee. "The work he created will live on for generations to come."  

Always an intensely private person, Steve once said, "I never talk about myself. My work is me. I do my best, and if I like it, I hope somebody else likes it, too."

Today we remember the accomplishments of a giant in the world of comics.