College is tough enough without having to deal with a new, highly addictive form of speed and a crew of obnoxious dealers who take their drug’s name a little too literally. Fortunately, those pushers made one crucial mistake—they set up shop in Burnside.

In this week’s standalone BATGIRL #24, Barbara finds herself getting on Two-Face’s bad side when she intervenes with her friend’s bad decisions. But could those decisions have some righteous intentions behind them? Possibly, but before Babs can unravel any of it, she’ll have to do something about the Speed Demonz—sorry, I mean the Street Demonz and their Easy-A, which can help with those all-night study sessions, but can also land you in the morgue. The Demonz know how to ride, but so does Barbara…and she’s armed with bat-tech. Is that an unfair advantage on the streets? Maybe, but sorry, Demonz, them’s the brakes. As in your brakes.

You’ll see what you mean when you read our exclusive sneak peek. Enjoy!

BATGIRL #24 by Shawn Aldridge, Scott Godlewski and John Rauch is in stores this Wednesday.