If you, like me, were wondering how they were going to level up the already complicated situation with Reign, it turns out the answer to that was found in the same place as her supposed salvation. This week's episode, "The Dark Side of the Moon," mainly set up what I'm guessing are going to be some huge moves in the last few episodes.

Argo City Revelations

First of all, yes, that is Kara's hometown. It survived thanks to her father's innovations, but it remains hurtling through space, cloaked and stable (for now). They do have a protective dome and a mysterious power source like the Supergirl film—one that is in dwindling supply. If that doesn't end up being dealt with this season, that could be a potentially big plotline in Season 4. There are a lot of great comic arcs that can be adapted to address it. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Beyond the fact that Kryptonians survived, which is a big deal, Alura is among them, which is an even bigger deal. In another Super reference, she is still played by Erica Durance, who also played Lois Lane on Smallville. Durance had good chemistry with Melissa Benoist and I really did enjoy all the scenes that showed Kara and Alura catching up. Durance tapped into a...restrained joy that was very interesting. Alura certainly was happy and overwhelmed to be reunited with her daughter, but she maintained a kind of regal air.

You know who else is there? I mean, yes, Tim Russ was playing one of the council members, which is very cool because it's a rare moment of Big Franchise Crossover (he's most widely known as Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager). But the real surprise was a woman named Selena, seemingly the head of the council, who is, in fact, the dark priestess we've been seeing guide the Worldkillers! I knew there had to have been a reason we haven't heard the priestess' name until now. And, after voting to give Kara the ore they came for, she goes to get her dark chanting on. What kind of ritual is she performing? Is she just trying to make contact with Reign, or is there something else going on? And will the rest of Argo City find out about her sooner or later? It's all very intriguing and I'd wager we'll find out a lot more next week.

Winn Is the Worst Babysitter

...But he got better! Someone was trying to kill Alex while she was with Ruby so, in order to keep her safe, she's brought to the DEO and left there for Winn to watch despite his protests. With four storylines going on at once, they didn't get a ton of time together but Winn and Ruby interacting was important for Ruby's mental health. She's worried that she's going to become evil like her mom. Winn can relate, being the son of a supervillain who tried to kill him repeatedly. Meeting someone who's not only been through what she's going through, but came out a good person on the other side should be comforting.

I'm assuming Ruby will be a fairly long-term character, so I'm glad we're seeing instances where she's getting some form of counseling (although, for real, she needs a professional therapist immediately). And I really do believe all this goodwill that Ruby feels will end up being the key to something before this season ends.

Reign/Dear Lena Games

Lena grapples with potentially flooding Reign's system with Synthetic Kryptonite before she becomes fully resistant. In the meantime, Reign taunts her, saying that Lena is just as dark and ruthless as she is. Now, this kind of jabbering is pretty standard captured villain fare. What is different here is that Lena actually presses the button. I mean, I'm not entirely surprised. She was getting antsy waiting for Supergirl to return and Reign was very clearly close to escaping. And James essentially provided her with the permission to do the pragmatic, albeit pessimistic, thing.

The thing that concerns me most about this move is my previously, repeatedly stated fear that Lena is going to turn into a Big Bad. Because this definitely feels like it could be a step in that direction based on superhero story conventions...but, then again, the series has often been good about subverting expected tropes.

Quick Bits

  • Some of Alex’s actions tonight made her concerned that she wouldn't be able to reconcile the person who doesn't hesitate to take risks for her job with being a mom. What's important about this conversation with J'onn is that it sounds like, while she's very much about protecting and caring for Ruby, becoming her guardian permanently isn't her plan. This dialogue may provide some insight about Ruby's future, regardless of whether or not they save Sam. I'd like to see Ruby pop up next season but I don't necessarily want Alex to already be taking care of a kid long-term. That feels more like a Season 5 or 6 move.

  • Kara says she liked being on this trip with Mon because she could be herself and not worry about secret identities. That's also something she doesn't have to worry about in Argo City. I'll be curious to see how this personality crisis plays out with not one (visiting the future) but now two options for her to escape that conflict should she need a break.
  • I dug how Kara's impassioned speech to the council and Alex's chasing after her would-be assassin was juxtaposed.
  • Mon gives a sick boy a device that essentially rewrites DNA to cure disease, saying they can pass it along to the next ill person after the boy is cured. Alura also recognized him as the Daxamite Prince, but said that he deserves a second chance like the survivors here. I feel like these two things work in tangent as an extra step at rehabbing his character from last season. And I do like this version of Mon, so you'll get no complaints for me.
  • Also, I do wonder who that kid is...or rather might be? Sounded like his name was Val. Could this be a reference to Valor, one of Mon-El's comic names? Lar Gand was his father on the show, so it's highly possible Valor is a separate person as well.

What do you think Selena's ceremony is for? Do you think they'll be able to save Sam? How do you think the surviving Kryptonians fit in to all this? Share your thoughts and theories with us below!

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