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No Justice: In Which I Suddenly Realize I'm a Huge Fan of Starro

No Justice: In Which I Suddenly Realize I'm a Huge Fan...

By Meg Downey Thursday, May 24th, 2018

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE is a rocket shot straight to the edge of the DC Universe that will change the face of the Justice League forever. The stakes are as high as they get, so we asked Meg Downey to unpack each new issue for us. Can justice survive in this strange, new world?

It's week three of four for JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, meaning that there is only one issue remaining for the event and before a whole new era of Justice League begins in earnest…and man, you guys. If you thought last week was a rough time for our heroes, this week is…well…

I mean, let's just say Amanda Waller was ready to call in a full-on nuclear strike on the Fortress of Solitude and that should put things in perspective here.

Meanwhile, back on Colu, the League spent their time learning a very valuable lesson about why they should never trust Brainiac for any reason, whatsoever. To recap just how this particular situation has gone down:

  • Brainiac "attacks" Earth and abducts various Leaguers, telling them it's for the good of the universe.
  • Amanda Waller, unbeknownst to the kidnapped League, kills Brainiac before he can actually explain his whole plan in what we thought was a move that was dooming everyone, but may have actually saved them. (Kind of.)
  • The League is left to scramble with only half of the information available to them, trying to figure out how to save Colu on their own (while all of Colu is pretty unimpressed with their presence since they're all wearing Brainiac's tech).
  • Vril Dox, Brainiac 2.0, is woken up in the Tree of Entropy and reveals what the rest of Brainiac's plan actually was, and unsurprisingly, Brainiac had been manipulating them the entire time.

You know, maybe I should retract that "unsurprisingly" since this is where I need to admit that I was actually pretty shocked that Brainiac wasn't trying to be helpful. Is that crazy? As Vril Dox laid everything out this week, I couldn't help but feel the mounting dread of having completely bought into such an obvious scam in retrospect. Turns out I'm way too trusting to ever be a good superhero.

Now, major revelations or otherwise, things are not looking good. Despite their best efforts, it doesn't look like the teams were actually able to prevent disaster on Colu and to be completely honest with you, I have no idea what happens next. What I do know is that Cyborg has an astronomical amount of information floating around in his head, Wonder Woman proved herself powerful enough in the realm of magic to power an entire magic-based tree, and there are now a bunch of totally new worlds (and new villains) drifting along in the universe after being freed from their respective prisons. But Colu itself? That one might be a lost cause.

I wouldn't be too concerned about Starro, however. It looks like he may have just met an untimely demise at the hands of an Omega Titan (hey, the first on-panel Omega Titan casualty, no less!). But when it comes to the anatomy of giant, cosmic starfish, I think being torn in half isn't exactly a fatal move.

...Hopefully. Maybe. I mean, real starfish can regrow limbs and everything can't they? So maybe Starro can, too.

I never thought I would care about a megalomaniacal invertebrate so much.

All the while, back on Earth, four new cosmic trees are now sprouting. I'll take a wild guess and say the one at Belle Reve is Entropy, the Tower of Fate is Wonder, the Fortress of Solitude is Mystery and the one at S.T.A.R Labs is Wisdom—sound about right to everyone else?

Also, the Omega Titans are already here, which leaves Waller and Ollie in a sticky situation. It may sound a little dramatic, but Waller seems to be absolutely right this time around—this really might be the end of the world.

Start spinning up your theories about the final issue now. We've only got a week to get them in writing before we learn the truth of the matter once and for all.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #3 by Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Riley Rossmo, Marcus To and Hi-Fi is now available in print and as a digital download.

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