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First Look: Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl

First Look: Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl

By Tim Beedle Monday, May 21st, 2018

Diana takes to the skies to fend off a crazed Supergirl in this action-packed first look at WONDER WOMAN #47.

What in Rao’s name is happening? After a battle with Cheetah earlier this month in WONDER WOMAN #46, Diana’s world seemed to go crazy as everyone with even the slightest bit of spirituality began denouncing their deities and putting their faith in something called “the Dark Gods.” But this isn’t a simple change in belief—it’s accompanied by violent, seemingly insane outbursts that are disrupting the entire world. All of which is bad enough when we’re talking about regular people…but regular people aren’t the only ones who believe in gods.

Super-humans believe in them too. It started with Cheetah, who seemed more than willing to kill to sever her ties to Urzkartaga. And then it got much worse.

Kryptonian-level worse.

Wonder Woman found herself under attack by Supergirl, who proclaimed Rao to be dead and seemed in no state of mind for a peaceful religious debate. What could be causing all of this? Perhaps we’ll get our first sense in this preview of issue #47. That is, if Wonder Woman can survive Kara’s Kryptonian onslaught…


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WONDER WOMAN #47 by James Robinson, Stephen Segovia and Romulo Fajardo Jr. is in stores this Wednesday.