Knowing you’re being hunted is terrifying enough. But when the people hunting you have all of eternity to find you…well, that’s enough to cause even the strongest person to break down in despair. And Caden Park, the teenage boy who recently discovered he has powers and an unexplained tie to an underground cabal of eternal heroes and villains, is hardly the strongest person out there.

In issue #1, we learned he was being pursued. In this week’s THE IMMORTAL MEN #2, we find out just who’s pursuing him. While their motivations are unclear, there are four remaining members of the Immortal Men, the undying heroes assembled by the enigmatic figure known as the Immortal Man: Timber, Reload, Ghost Fist and Stray. But who are they? Where did they come from? What are they capable of? And who are their dark counterparts known as the Siege?

We begin to get answers to all these questions and more in this exclusive sneak peek of issue #2. Enjoy!

THE IMMORTAL MEN #2 by Ryan Benjamin, James Tynion IV, Richard Friend and David Baron is in stores this Wednesday. For more on issue #1, click here.