Welcome back, you Freeland fiends! And welcome to another electrifying review of Black Lightning. The penultimate episode is upon us, and that means from here on out we’ll be flying full-speed ahead at every loose end the series has to offer as it tries to wrap them all up before next week’s big season finale. So, hold on to your butts, Black Lightning aficionados, from this point forward, there will be (a few) spoilers!

Alright, What Happened?

The episode opens with a meeting between Tobias and Martin (of ASA leadership fame). Martin tells Tobias the secret of Green Light, how it was created to cow the citizens of Freeland. He lets him know that now that Lady Eve is gone (also known as dead), there needs to be someone to take her place. Tobias gladly takes over said role, and as a reward, Martin shows the other (successful) experiment the ASA wants to bring to Freeland—and in walks Khalil.

That’s right, walks. Khalil is back with a new, long hair/don’t care attitude. He’s no longer paralyzed, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to keep his new masters content.

Later that night, Lynn calls Jefferson and tells him to get over to the house as soon as he can. However, when he arrives, Lynn isn’t in mortal danger, instead she’s in…lingerie. Lynn proceeds to put some serious mack moves on Jefferson, and they end up in bed together. Jefferson and Lynn definitely make sparks fly whenever they link, but Lynn wants to keep that they’re back together a secret.

Next, Khalil and Jennifer reunite on the roof, just like old times—but their heart-to-heart quickly turns into heartbreak. That’s because Khalil wants to get back together with Jennifer, but she’s more interested in talking about who gave him that fancy new spinal implant. This sends him into a rage, ending the conversation and (it looks like) any chance of them getting back together.

Shortly afterward, we learn that Tobias has dreamed up a new strategy to get at Black Lightning. He’s going to use his new soldier, Khalil to stir up some trouble at Garfield High School and trap Black Lightning.

Back at Club 100, we see Lala talking to one of his goons, breaking down the ins and outs of company culture in his regime. But before he can complete his speech, he receives an incredibly cryptic phone call, and heads over to the Russian gunsmith that created those Black Lightning-style electric rifles. Apparently, he’s there to make good on Gambi’s threats.

Tobias and his goons, Syonide and Khalil, arrive at the school and get right to the action—jumping right into huge fights with Black Lightning and Thunder as soon as they arrive on Garfield’s campus. Thunder ends up being able to hold Syonide down, but Black Lightning takes a huge L from Tobias and Khalil.

The show ends with Lala back at Tobias’s place. Apparently, that cryptic phrase Lala heard over the phone earlier was some kind of activation spell/codeword that Tobias can use to make him do whatever he wants…and Tobias has big plans.

Will They or Won’t They?

We got to see the return of that teenage love affair that fizzled out so tragically at the beginning of the season. Khalil and Jennifer still have great chemistry, but alas, the universe continues to put them at odds. Tobias made it quite clear that Khalil has sold his soul for the chance to walk again, and that if he wants to keep those legs, he will have to remain loyal. Of all the places I thought this relationship could end up by the end of the season, a super-powered take on Romeo and Juliet was nowhere near any of them…but I have to admit, I’m definitely not mad at it.

In other romantic struggle news, we see that Lynn finally ends up smanging Jefferson in this episode! Unfortunately for her, everything between them falls apart shortly afterward. Part of the fail stems from her asking Jefferson (the guy whose been pining hardcore to get back with her since the first episode) to keep their lovely reunion a secret. I know that had to hurt for Jefferson. Especially after he finds out that Lynn is working on a way to suppress their daughter’s meta genes. Throughout their relationship, Jefferson’s powers have continued to be the biggest reason why he and Lynn can’t be together. Finding out that Lynn thinks stripping their daughter of her god-given abilities is the right thing to do had to cut doubly deep. Hopefully, the two of them find a way to work through this, because I really want to see those crazy kids get back together for good. 

Do You Believe in the Resurrection?

So, we finally learn how Lala returned from the dead, and—surprise!—it was all Tobias’ doing. He even made sure the process had a backdoor available so he could more easily control his newly reanimated henchman. But here’s what I’m curious about. When Lala got that call on the phone, it didn’t sound like Tobias. In fact, it kind of sounded like Gambi. Does that mean that Gambi is still keeping secrets for Tobias? It definitely would fit with what Gambi was saying earlier to that arms dealer about not killing him personally.

And now that we know Tobias has access to some kind of reanimation serum/program/situation, does that mean he will be bringing his sister back from the grave? Maybe even our beloved Lady Eve? I’m definitely crossing my fingers for both!

Honorable Mentions

  • Lynn’s chocolate cake consolation with Jennifer is pure #GoodParenting (Thanks, Mom!)
  • Jennifer and Thunder losing it over an unresponsive Black Lightning had me tearing up
  • Jefferson showing off how he uses his electric powers in the bedroom—#Smooth
  • Lala’s sharing wisdom on how workplace violence brings down morale and productivity
  • Anissa’s flirting did NOT help her get info from an old classmate—sure, Anissa ;)

Signing Off

Well, those are the highs and lows of Episode 12! Make sure you come back next week to catch my review of the Black Lightning finale! In the meantime, please feel free to talk about it in the comments below, or, if you really can’t wait to say your say, I’m always available on Twitter at @RegularEtCetera. Until next time... peace!

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