Look, down in the ground, it’s…Boyzarro?!?

Superman and his son Jon have their hands quite full in this week’s SUPERMAN #43, which continues Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi’s “Bizarroverse” storyline. In the last chapter, the well-meaning Boyzarro arrived in Jon’s bedroom, somehow transported there from Htrae, the square-shaped world that the Bizarros call home. But he’s not here to cause trouble. Rather, he’s just looking for a reprieve from the rules and structure of his home, and the stress he’s constantly under due to his father.

His father who just happens to look a lot like Superman.

When Clark enters Jon’s room to check in on his son, Boyzarro mistakes Superman for Bizarro, and lashes out at him, blasting him with his freeze vision. Superman defends himself, but Jon intervenes, telling his father that Boyzarro doesn’t mean their family or world any harm. He’s just scared and confused, something that Superman helps Jon clear up for the boy—even if Boyzarro accidentally brings down a rescue helicopter in the process. Helping Superman and Superboy save the people on the chopper, Boyzarro realizes that Superman is a hero on his world and someone to look up to.

Meanwhile, Jon’s friend Kathy—who’s now going by Beacon—and Damian Wayne’s former companion, Nobody, find themselves contending with another open portal to the Bizarroverse. But rather than being confronted by Boyzarro’s family, they wind up face-to-face with, well…

Turns out Robzarro is there looking for Boyzarro, who he’s happily reunited with. He also mentions to Superman that Hawkzarro—the Bizarroverse’s version of Hawkman—has recently gone missing. But just because Robzarro has found his missing friend doesn’t mean that Boyzarro’s willing to head back home with him. Jon finds himself feeling bad for Boyzarro and asks his father if they’re doing the right thing by sending him back, but Clark explains that all families have rough patches and the answer is never to run away. Boyzarro, who has come to trust Superman, agrees to go back to Htrae with him.

Now, this is the Bizarroverse we’re talking with, meaning things never quite go the way you expect, and this not-so-happy family reunion is no exception. Boyzarro’s mother, Loiz, is quite angry with her son, but far warmer to the Man of Steel, suggestively mentioning that her “lazy husband” has left her “not all alone.”

Fortunately (or is that unfortunately—you never really know with Bizarros), this proves to be not entirely true. Bizarro comes home right at this very moment, and isn’t thrilled at seeing his wife throwing herself at Superman.

However, something tells us that the conversation may wind up being a lot different than Superman’s expecting. While Bizarro look up from the moon angrily, something strange and world-changing seems to happen at the hands of a group whose idea of fun can only mean trouble for everyone else…

The Legion of Doom is bad enough on our world. Just imagine how crazy their Bizarro version can make things. And where does Bizarro stand in all of this. He seems awfully angry up there on the moon. We won’t know until Bizarroverse continues in two weeks. And as Bizarro might say, we can wait!