Welcome back, Legends fans, from this, arguably our most dad-joke heavy episode to date. And what an episode it was.

First, before we go any further, I have to say that Season 3's overarching commitment to finding ways to put Neal McDonough in the world's most hilarious wigs whenever physically possible is shaping up to be my favorite thing about this entire run. Please, let's continue this trend.

And just in case you didn't get the reference being made this time around, that fabulous bob Young Darhk was rocking in Berlin? That was a wink to Javier Bardem's character in the 2007 Best Picture-winning No Country For Old Men, which was probably pretty obvious even if you're not a fan of the movie because this episode was actually titled “No Country for Old Dads.” Hey, the more you know!

I promise that Bardem's character in the actual movie is a lot less funny than Darhk, though. Just as a warning if you're feeling inspired to go check it out.

Anyway. This was, as you may have already guessed, an extremely Darhk-heavy episode, which may have just made things a bit more complicated with Mallus well on the way. We already got a pretty good look at Nora as a kid a few episodes ago, so we've known that she's really more a victim of terrible circumstances than an all-out super-villain. Her dad, though...that's a very different story.

I don't think this episode necessarily tried to redeem Damien, but it certainly did throw a couple extra layers onto the whole deal. But honestly—and I'm not sure if this was intended or not—I think his weird, overbearing Father Knows Best thing with Nora is actually more off-putting than heartwarming. I felt a teeny tiny bit conflicted for a second during all of this, but by the end? No thanks. I'll still be cheering when the Legends take this guy down.

It's not for lack of trying. This episode especially made me pause more than once to think about Damien turning into a good guy when push comes to shove, but I think Nora had a point—all of this is really his fault and it's all because he was selfish enough to push his own daughter into the arms of a demon.

I'm not sure a redemption arc can really fix that. But, hey, maybe I'm wrong! I guess we won't know until we see how this whole thing pans out, right?

Nora, on the other hand, I think can totally benefit from a redemption arc. Nate teased Ray a little for having a crush on her, but and I'm not sure if I really ship it yet, but...I don't not not ship it, that's for sure.

And speaking of the whole Mallus possession demon thing, we got some new details this week! It turns out Mallus's prison is literally time itself, which is why the Darhks have been running around causing so many anachronisms, trying to weaken the strength of the timeline to free him. That tracks, I think, even if it does mean that the anachronism they used to find Ray may have been the straw to finally break the temporal camel's back.

And we still have no real idea what the mysterious sixth totem is, or where it's at, for that matter. So that's a little anxiety inducing.

But you know what else is anxiety inducing?

The fact that Rip is apparently hiding something about Ava. I mean, really? REALLY?! After everything—after all of this—Rip is still doing that backstabby secret-keeping thing that has only ever served to hurt people in the long run? Really? I mean, have these people learned NOTHING from Oliver Queen?!

Also, what does that mean for Ava? What is the truth? What could possibly be so awful that Rip decided to hide it with everything going on? Time to break out those conspiracy theory walls and start unraveling the red string. What, you didn't think this season was going to end quietly did you?

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