Welcome back, Legends! It's been a pretty long hiatus, but I hope you don't need too thorough a refresher as we jump back into things because in true Legends of Tomorrow fashion, we're hitting the ground running with the tenth episode of this season.

And hey, John Constantine's here to welcome us back!

...Which is to say, uh, to perform some exorcisms. Technicalities.


This was a meaty episode to jump back into after such a long break. So, briefly, we last left our crew in a state of even more disarray than usual. Martin Stein sacrificed his life to save the Legends, and now unable to become Firestorm, Jax made the decision to retire from being a superhero (at least for now). Also, the Earth-X version of Leonard Snart, Citizen Cold—or Leo as he prefers to be called—decided to tag along with the crew for a little bit. Mallus and his followers (as lead by Damien Dahrk) are still a major threat, and so far, no one is really sure what to do about it. Rip was trying, but wound up jailed by the Time Bureau, the very body he helped create, for violating their own bureaucracy.

Does that all sound pretty familiar? Great! Now back to the matters at hand.

For those of you who might be meeting John for the very first time—don't panic. Yes, he's usually always like this, and yes, there is plenty more where that came from. This version of John Constantine, played to perfection by Matt Ryan, had his very own show for a while, so if you're looking for more content to watch, that's the best (and most obvious) place to start. But if you're looking for something to read? Well, hold on to your hats.

Over the course of his thirty-plus year history, Constantine has been an occult staple of the DC Universe. He started out as a guest star in SWAMP THING back in the ’80s, if vintage books are more your jam, and then graduated on to his very own ongoing series, both as a part of DC’s Vertigo imprint and within the DCU proper. He's even got his own book that's running right now in the post-Rebirth world called THE HELLBLAZER that's a great place to start if you're looking for an easy way into all the charmingly arcane craziness Constantine has to offer.

Now, back to Legends, I wish I could tell you that Constantine made his way to the Waverider for celebratory reasons, but that's unfortunately not the case. But on the plus side, we did get to learn a little more about Mallus this week. Namely that it's a demon (or at least, something very like a demon) and it's been possessing Nora Darhk for years and years, which is pretty tragic in its own right.

The knowledge of Mallus' demonic nature also came with another important (and terrifying) caveat: Sara is susceptible to Mallus's influence because of her own relationship with death and resurrection. Now, credit where credit's due, John did a pretty good job of acting cool and convincing in telling Sara she was strong enough to combat Mallus's possession but...well…

I'm not saying that Ray's anti-magic weapon is going to be a literal Chekhov's Gun, but I suppose if the shoe fits… And John certainly seems to be very concerned about the future of Sara's soul, even if he only chose to warn Ray about it in the end.

Of course, in the process of all of this we also learned that Mallus is weak against the totems, which we all probably could have seen coming. There's just one major problem. Apparently, there are six totems in total and so far we've only got three. Kuasa with water, Zari with wind, and Amaya with the Anansi totem, which I'm going to assume has some elemental connection to life or spirit. That leaves three more in the proverbial wind. It's probably a safe bet to assume one will be fire (after all, we’ve already seen that one on Vixen) and one will probably be earth—maybe the last one will be metal?

Do you guys have any guesses on that? Or better yet, theories on where they might pop up? Let's talk about it, because I'm honestly not sure where I stand on this one at all.

Mallus problems aside, it looks like the Legends are in for some pretty major shake ups as far as the team roster goes in the future since we did have to say goodbye to our dear friend Citizen Cold, who went back to marry his boyfriend, the Ray, on his home of Earth-X. Of course, I'm not going to stand in the way of Leo's romance, to be sure, but...man, I'm going to miss him like crazy.

Though, maybe it's not all bittersweet farewells. I mean, Leo's departure does mean there's room on the Waverider for one more, right?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the Legends need more hands on deck but, like...if Constantine wants to start showing up more frequently, well, I definitely wouldn't be opposed to it.

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