All right Legends fans, you made it. You're completely through this year's four-part crossover event…or, at least you should be. If you missed Supergirl, Arrow or The Flash this week, maybe wait to read this post! Legends was the finale of the event, so all spoilers are fair game here.

Sound good? Do I need to place a SPOILER ALERT bolded, underlined and in all caps here? No?

Great! Let's go.

First things first, this year’s crossover was a roller coaster. We had some extremely soaring highs and some absolutely tear-jerking lows. So, with that in mind, I'm going to break things up a little bit for you here. This is a good news/bad (or, well, sad) news situation, and since we're not talking face-to-face, I'll let you decide which section you read first.

The Good

If you're just joining us in the Couch Club this season, you might not know this about me, but Captain Cold is my all-time favorite #DCTV character, across the board, full stop. I love him so much I got a vanity plate for my car of his name. (No, seriously.)

So, Earth-X Lenny, er, I mean, Leo…

Regardless of his name, I just about leapt out of my chair!

Everything from the trademark goggles to the new, softer personality had me running a victory lap around my apartment. All those moments between him and Mick? I feel like I've been waiting my entire life for them. And the fact that he's dating the Ray on Earth-X… Well, I don't think I've ever gone from zero-to-100 on a ship so fast in my entire life.

And speaking of the Ray, “Crisis on Earth-X” was his live action debut! Over in the comics, this version of the Ray (which is to say Ray Terrill, yes, his code name really is just his first name with a "the" stuck in front of it) was created back in 1992 and is currently starring in the monthly Rebirth title JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. His powers are basically exactly what you saw on screen tonight—he's able to manipulate light energy, fly, fight, shield himself…you name it.

Comics Ray is also a former member of the superhero team, the Freedom Fighters—the name you might have caught this week as the name for Earth-X's resistance. But there's a little more to it than that, which brings me to a really great #DCTV Secret, if you're a comics history nerd like me. The original Ray was a man named Lanford "Happy" Terrill who was created in 1940 in the very height of the Golden Age's World War II boom. Happy was part of the original Freedom Fighters, who were published to fight Nazis in real time, just as our troops fought Nazis in real life.

Ray Terrill was also a part of the Freedom Fighters in the comics, but a more modern incarnation. So I guess you could say the Ray is a superhero with a Nazi-punching pedigree.

I don't know what the future holds for Ray, but it's pretty unlikely that we've seen the last of him (after all, he is the star of an in-universe animated series that’s in the works). But if you ask me, I happen to think he'd make a pretty fantastic Legend somewhere down the line.

By the way, for more on Ray Terrill, be sure to read Ashley’s Couch Club column on Part 3 of the crossover. I’m not the only one of us who loves him, it seems.

Now, speaking of fantastic things that I love, of course we have to talk about the double wedding. I'll be totally honest here, once Barry and Iris were interrupted at the altar that first time around, I was expecting that to be it for them for a while. I didn't think they'd break up or anything, but really, who could blame them for wanting to hold off for a bit after something like that?

So you can imagine my shock when we actually got not one, but two sets of "I dos" at the end here. Of course, both Barry and Iris and Oliver and Felicity are likely going to be spending the majority of their time over in their respective shows, so if you're interested in talking about how these couples fare in the future, you might want to see what Matt and Ashley have to say about them in future Arrow and Flash Couch Clubs (that's where I'll be looking, at least).

Now, on to…

The Sad

I've spent basically every week this season trying to hypothesize just what was going to happen to Firestorm with Dr. Stein wanting to leave the ship, but I never, ever expected anything like this.

Honestly, for as much as I've been half-joking/half-serious about all my crazy Lily Stein and Baby Ronnie theories, I really just assumed that the baby would be the thing to eventually provide Stein with an exit, one way or another.

I never in a million years thought he would die.

I've cried a few times in Legends before, but this one really got me. I never even considered myself a Dr. Stein fan, but I'm still kind of reeling.

The problem now, obviously, is that there's just so much left unresolved or mysterious. Lily, baby Ronnie, Jax's future on the ship—all of the theorizing and guesswork I'd been doing building up to this moment had all been assuming that Stein himself would still be in the picture. I don't know where to go from here. I don't know where Jax is going to go from here.

But I do know that the Waverider can do all sorts of miraculous things, and time travel is pretty crazy in and of itself, so maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't be counting Firestorm out just yet.

Let’s talk about it, as well as what you thought of the crossover’s finale, in the comments below because I get the impression that a lot of people’s expectations for the rest of the season just got very shaken up. And don’t forget, Mallus is definitely still out there.

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