Peaceful protest is one of the bedrocks of our great nations. It’s a sign of a healthy first amendment and proof that in America, we all have a voice. The problem is that there are a lot of people in America, each with their own strongly held opinions about the way that things should be. And with so many perspectives and points of view, some are bound to be destructive. But what options do we have when we’re presented with them? What do we do when those beliefs are the loudest ones in the room?

We resist.

And in the world of Astro City, that resistance is elevated to heroic new heights. ASTRO CITY #49 shines a colorful spotlight on the world of today, presenting a unique look at extremism and the strength that comes when people band together against it. Resistor isn’t a typical hero. No one knows if he’s a man or woman, a human or something otherworldly. All anyone knows is that Resistor has a tendency to show up when extreme beliefs give way to extreme action, and in this exclusive preview, one determined reporter gets her first look at this unique new superhero.

ASTRO CITY #49 by Kurt Busiek and Brent E. Anderson is in stores this Wednesday.