DOOMSDAY CLOCK from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank is officially the most anticipated comic of 2017 after a preview of the first issue was released at New York Comic Con. The Main Stage was thunderous with audience reaction after the reveal of Rorschach.

There is a lot for fans to dissect in the first six pages of the story. Reporters from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, MASHABLE, IGN, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, SCREEN RANT, POLYGON, INVERSE, COLLIDER, SYFY WIRE, COMIC BOOK, CBR, DEN OF GEEK, WE GOT THIS COVERED and many more have already started reporting on Watchmen-themed clues.

DC also shared the first-look at the :30 second DOOMSDAY CLOCK commercial at the close of the panel, in case you missed it.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK will hit shelves on November 22. Visit your local comic book shop for preorder information.