Missy Deveraux and Amber Eaton once fought side by side with each other as Ole Miss and Amber Waves, two members of the Southern Defense Corps. But after the explosive events that brought an end to the Corps, the two went their separate ways…and wound up on opposing sides of a cultural battle that’s boiling over into the streets. One is fighting for a better tomorrow. The other wants to hold onto the past. And a population that’s rattled by the Vietnam War and the death of their president is just looking for something to believe in.

Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and artist Georges Jeanty’s THE AMERICAN WAY: THOSE ABOVE AND THOSE BELOW is a story set in 1970s America that could just as easily be happening today (minus the super-powers). In this exclusive sneak peek of issue #3, both one-time heroes make their feelings for each other clear as Missy hits the road in support of her campaign for governor of Mississippi.

THE AMERICAN WAY: THOSE ABOVE AND THOSE BELOW #3 by John Ridley, Georges Jeanty, John Livesay and Nick Filardi is in stores this Wednesday.