Every now and then a Batman comic book comes along that turns the world of the Dark Knight completely on its head. THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS was one. So was BATMAN: EARTH ONE, BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM and BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN. They’re comics that reinterpret the Batman mythos in compelling new ways. They’re the books that you talk about with friends and fellow fans for years after they’ve ended, and go back to time and time again.

Well, you heard it here first, Bat-fans. Much like those other classic titles, Sean Murphy’s BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT is a comic you’ll want to pay attention to. Written and drawn by Murphy (THE WAKE, PUNK ROCK JESUS), White Knight asks the question about who the real villain is in Gotham City—the Joker…or Batman.

When the Joker is cured of his insanity and homicidal tendencies, he sets about trying to right his wrongs and improve the well-being of the city he once terrorized. And the best way to do that, he determines, is to rid it of its worst villain—the Dark Knight.

Is Batman really a villain? Are the Joker’s motives truly altruistic? Maybe the former Crown Prince of Crime is on to something. As shocking as it sounds, maybe he truly is the “white knight” that Gotham needs.

We’ll find out for sure when Batman: White Knight #1 lands in stores on October 4th. But for now, we can marvel at Murphy’s stylish art (with colors by Matt Hollingsworth and letters by Todd Klein) and get a taste of what we’re in for with this sneak peek of the first issue. Enjoy!

BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #1 by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth will be available digitally and in print on October 4, 2017.