Seems like anytime DC Publisher Dan DiDio is involved in a Comic-Con panel, he’s always got something up his sleeve, even at the end of the day. As if the “DC Master Class” panel wasn’t stacked deep enough with world-class comic art talent – Amanda Conner, Greg Capullo, Tony Daniel, Andy Kubert, Jim Lee and John Romita Jr, another unexpected guest stopped by: Comic book legend Frank Miller!

Fresh off of his completion of BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT: MASTER RACE, Miller thought he’d come chill with his friends as they talked with Dan about their first forays into comics as well as their various upcoming projects for DARK NIGHTS: METAL, DARK MATTER and other upcoming books. Frank didn’t want to feel left out, so he decided to up the ante, revealing some news of his own; he’s got a new DC title in the works, and he revealed concept art for a project he’s really excited about: SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE. 

At Comic-Con this year, Dan DiDio-moderated panels have given fans the following exclusive news: Grant Morrison and WONDER WOMAN EARTH ONE Volume Two and ARKHAM ASYLUM 2, new DARK MATTER titles and Jeff Lemire’s return to DC and two new titles from one of the greatest writers in comic book history. The moral of this story: Always keep your eyes open for a panel moderated by Dan, you never know what you might find out!