Gotham City Garage Kicks It Into High Gear with New Batgirl and Supergirl Statues Speeding Into Stores

DC Essentials 6.75'' Action Figures Designed by Acclaimed Artist Jason Fabok Set to Debut

 DC Artists Alley Reveals New, Cutting-Edge Interpretations of Wonder Woman, Batman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

DC Collectibles, the award-winning line of collectibles –directly from the source, DC Entertainment–kicked off San Diego Comic-Con: International with several major announcements, including the expansion of its grittiest line of statues, Gotham City Garage. Racing onto shelves in 2018, the biker statues will be joined by an all-new 6.75’’ DC Essentials action figure line starring DC’s most popular Super Heroes and Super-Villains designed by fan-favorite comic book artist Jason Fabok. DC Collectibles also revealed new character additions to the highly anticipated DC Artists Alley designer vinyl series and announced plans to expand its best-selling action figure and statue lines including Batman: The Animated Series, DC Bombshells, and more.

DC Collectibles is doubling down on Gotham City Garage’s growing popularity and will reimagine two new Super Heroes–Batgirl and Supergirl–as bold, fierce, biker statues. The move coincides with DC’s announcement earlier this week that it will publish an all-new Digital First comic book in August inspired by the statue line.

“The idea behind Gotham City Garage is to explore the tough and gritty alter-egos of DC’s most iconic characters such as Wonder Woman and Catwoman, and now Batgirl and Supergirl,” said Jim Fletcher, executive creative director, DC Collectibles. “Just like with DC Bombshells, it’s exciting to see these character designs strike a chord with fans and transcend from statues into comic books and beyond, and we’re eager to find out just how far Gotham City Garage can ride.”

Produced at the 9'' scale, Batgirl and Supergirl will join the already released, best-selling Gotham City Garage statues of Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, and will cruise into stores in 2018.

DC Collectibles will also launch a new 6.75'' DC Essentials action figure line that will feature classic DC Universe Rebirth character designs and the greatest range of motion ever produced by the company.

DC Essentials will be an evergreen action figure line and will feature classic representations of DC Universe characters including Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, among others,” said Fletcher. “These designs will embody the core of each character and will attract both our most dedicated fans and those just starting out with their collections. We’re thrilled to deliver these figures at the larger 6.75'' scale and can’t wait for fans to see the new moveability that allows for more intricate poses. We’re excited to have Jason Fabok on board as the series’ designer–his stunning art style is a perfect match for DC Essentials. ” 

The first wave of DC Essentials figures to release in 2018 will include Batman, the Flash, Superman and Aquaman. Wonder Woman, Deathstroke, Green Lantern and Nightwing will debut in 2019.

Also revealed at SDCC were new characters slated to join DC Artists Alley, a series of designer vinyls directly inspired by the popular “Artist Alley” convention experience. Putting artists front and center, DC Artists Alley celebrates each designer’s offbeat art style and offers unique interpretations of DC’s most iconic characters. The new figures revealed today include Wonder Woman by Chris Uminga, Batman by HaiNaNu “Nooligan” Saulque, and Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn by Sho Murase.

Fan-favorite Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) action-figure line will debut two new villainous offerings in 2018 including a Harley Quinn Expressions Pack and a Jokermobile based on its infamous appearance in the 1990s TV show. Scaled to fit 6'' BTAS action figures, the Jokermobile will have working wheels and several light-up features–a perfect mode of transportation for the clown prince of crime.

The acclaimed DC Bombshells universe will also expand in 2018 with new Black Canary and Zatanna characters joining artist Ant Lucia’s popular Designer Series Bombshells action-figure line. Green Lantern Jessica Cruz is the next DC heroine to receive the Bombshells statue treatment and will be reimagined in the classic 1940s art style.

Also on tap for 2018 are additions to best-selling Batman: Black and White and Harley Quinn: Red White and Black statue lines, and an all-new Battle Statue that brings to life the greatest race between DC’s fastest Super Heroes–the Flash and Superman.

DC Collectibles’ entire new slate revealed at Comic-Con includes:

Gotham City Garage Statue Line:

  • Batgirl
  • Supergirl

NEW LINE – DC Essentials 6.75'' Action Figures:

  • Batman
  • The Flash
  • Superman
  • Aquaman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Deathstroke
  • Green Lantern
  • Nightwing

DC Artists Alley Designer Vinyls

  • Chris Uminga: Wonder Woman
  • HaiNaNu “Nooligan” Saulque: Batman
  • Sho Murase: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn

Batman: The Animated Series:

  • Expressions Pack: Harley Quinn
  • Jokermobile

DC Bombshells:

  • DC Designer Series by Ant Lucia 6.75'' Action Figures: Black Canary, Zatanna
  • 9'' Statues: Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

Batman: Black & White Statues:

  • Batman/Spy by Peter Kuper
  • Batman by Jonathan Matthews
  • Batman by Becky Cloonan

Harley Quinn: Red, White & Black Statues:

  • Harley Quinn by Stanley Lau
  • Harley Quinn by Babs Tarr
  • Harley Quinn by Jae Lee

Medium Size Statues

  • DC Designer Series: Trinity by Jason Fabok
  • DC Battle Statues: Superman Racing the Flash

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